Recording from LP

  MisterPaul 09:35 18 Oct 2006


I have a couple of LPs I want to put on to CD. I'm not particularly bothered about getting the best quality recording, as they are spoken word, but would like to get it sounding decent.

Can I do this by running a lead from a turntable into the mic input on my pc? And is there any free software around to make this possible?



  Tugwilson 09:58 18 Oct 2006

Im not an exper but as i undertsand it you would have to route the turntable to the "line in" of your PC soundcard.There is a free software called "audocity" that would do the job but i would be carefull where i put the cables.

Sorry i cant help more

  Tugwilson 09:59 18 Oct 2006


  Tugwilson 10:03 18 Oct 2006

My mistake.The name is Audacity.Heres the link

click here

  Diemmess 10:39 18 Oct 2006

Audacity is great for recording, simple editing and file handling.

Where you may have some trouble is in "matching" the output of your play deck with input to your sound card. You will have to experiment!

The output of the record player pickup alone is usually tiny. If you plug this into the Line_in you may hear almost nothing, and into Mic. may be awful distortion.

If the player has a an amplifier built in then the output can go to Line_In but keep the player volume low.

If you really want to spend some money and have a good audio connection, Maplin sell a pre-amplifier under £30 complete with all accessories and it works very well from the pickup to the Line_In port.

  Tugwilson 10:46 18 Oct 2006

I was just reading the instructions from appears you can connect the "headphone out"of your turntable to the "line-in" of your sound card.Unless i read it wrong.

  terryf 11:37 18 Oct 2006

Audacity is assuming that you have a pre-amp in your turntable, if you have just a plain vanilla turntable that is designed to be connected to an audio amp then the result wil be as Diemmess says above

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