Recording Internet Radio

  accord 19:53 19 Feb 2003

Having BB I have taken advantage of internet radio, however, i cant seem to record any of this onto hard disk to be transfered to cd.
does anyone have any experience of this and if so can they please let us know.

i have media player 8, real player and running xp home

  rct 20:49 19 Feb 2003

I'm fairly sure it's possible with the paid-for version of RealPlayer. A cheaper solution is to set your sound card recording settings to "Wave Out" so that it records anything output by your speakers. This varies from sound card to sound card and also depends on how good the drivers are. If you post a little about your system, I'm sure someone will be able to help further.

If you are looking to put decent quality radio recordings on to CD have you considered a digital radio for your PC such as Psion's Wavefinder (very cool USB device- I've got one) or Modulartech's WinDAB PCI card? They allow you to record straight to MP3 and the quality is good. Look at click here to check coverage in your area. Wavefinders are around £70 and WinDAB £100.

  accord 21:01 19 Feb 2003


cheers for that,

system spec is XP2000+, 512mb 40GB HD, Avance AC97 on board sound,

im wondering if i can line out to my hifi and record onto minidisk then back to pc from minidisc.

how can something so simple be so complicated

  Hachi-Roku 21:15 19 Feb 2003

its possible! its just getting the right cables and connectors to do it and even that can be annoying as well!

going with the recording 'wave out' part, i have this program called 'Advanced MP3 WMA Player' and it allows for you to record anything like radio, music, sound from video playing etc to formats like mp3, wma or wav. its a very useful program!

  rct 21:17 19 Feb 2003

Your solution would work. Also if you are looking for a "solution" of that complexity why not just plug in your sound output into the line in socket using a 3.5mm to 3.5mm jack lead. If your need to hear the audio at the same time you'll need a two way 3.5mm stereo jack splitter so you cna plug your speakers in too.

See if the Avance AC97 drivers allow you to do what I first suggested (maybe check the manufacturers website for updates?)

  rct 21:19 19 Feb 2003

As Hachi Roku said, Advanced MP3 WMA Player will do it but it costs $30 click here

  accord 21:20 19 Feb 2003


where can i get a copy of this software? sounds like its the thing im looking for.


i'll try your suggestion when i get a longer lead

  rct 21:38 19 Feb 2003

I've done some fishing around on the net for you and have found a free tool that'll do what you need click here

Hope this helps ;-)

  accord 21:51 19 Feb 2003


downloaded free trial of and seems ok, i'll have to play around with it before buying the full version. the other link downloaded but came up with an error so will try again, thanks for your help, much appreciated.

i'll keep the thread open and update as and when.


  Mig2 22:02 19 Feb 2003

Ripcast pro, try google for search,about $10 works great.ooops!

  Wes Tam ;-) 22:21 19 Feb 2003

If you've got Creative on your PC use their 'Recorder' and set it to 'What U Hear'.

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