Recording Freeview channels on DVD H/D Recorder?

  rickf 15:00 09 Apr 2006

Hi Can anyone tell me if its possible to record digital freeview channels onto my hard disc in my DVD H/D Recorder. I can obviously record Cahnnels 1-5 but how to for say BBC3,4, ITV 2,3 etc? Thanks in anvance for any info given.

  rickf 15:05 09 Apr 2006


  johnnyrocker 15:20 09 Apr 2006

scart lead or similar from freeview box to dvd recorder select appropriate input setting ie av1/2 and put freeview box on the required channel and away you go.


  dogbreath1 15:29 09 Apr 2006
  Graham ® 16:13 09 Apr 2006

Bump after 5 minutes :-)

Can't see your problem, I do it all the time.

  Stuartli 16:40 09 Apr 2006

I have a 13-year-old Mitsubishi H58 Nicam VCR (all the bells and whistles) and to record Freeview I have to use one of the two satellite channels (L1/L2); these were, of course, as the name suggests for recording the original analogue satellite transmissions.

It took me a while to find out though as I tried all the channels after (Channel) Five trying to make a successful recording. The appropriate channel is in the opposite direction from Channel 1 (BBC1) to BBC2.

  rickf 16:51 09 Apr 2006

Right, will try again to see if it works for me. Askinng because I couldn't get the digital channels thru' my DVD Recorder.Thanks for some helpful responses.

  Graham ® 17:09 09 Apr 2006

Set the TV to the Recorder input. Set the Recorder to the Freeview input. You should then see the Freeview program on the TV.

When setting up a recording, select Freeview as the source channel.

  rickf 17:44 09 Apr 2006

I have set the aerial to the Freeview Box, then scart lead to DVD Recorder and from Recorder to TV, but it does not seem to work. Only able to scan CH 1-5 and nothing else comes thru' using the Recorder to access TV Chs. Any further help would be appreciated.

  johnnyrocker 17:48 09 Apr 2006

as advised before you need to point the recorder to one of it's av input channels, you will get nothing with a scan becausesignal is not rf when via scart


  Graham ® 17:59 09 Apr 2006

Can you view other Freeview channels on the TV? Connect the scart from Freeview directly to TV.

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