recording onto DVD's

  mec13 18:13 07 Feb 2004

pleases explain to a complete novice (me) what this + or - symbol means on dvd. Having bought a rather high spec computer, with the intention of copying(legally of course)and a carrier bag full of goodies, which included a box of dvd+r(10 disc's)
The machine has 2 cd drives, one states 'DVD rom', the other says 'DVD multi recorder'
The engine bit is athlon 2.6+, 160gb hard drive, radion9200 etc, etc.
I boasted to my Son 'this machine will copy anything son' as we walked out of the shop. my problem is when I put one of these disc'into the copying tray(DVD multi recorder) the machine dosn't see it! My son tells me I've got the wrong type of discs,(what does a 14yr old boy know about computers)
Of course I knew that already,
psst! what does it mean?
keep it simple please.

  Jester2K 18:17 07 Feb 2004

There are two types of DVD.

DVD + and DVD - Like the old Beta and VHS video wars.....

  SirGalahad2004 18:17 07 Feb 2004

in simple terms . it's like theold VHS and BETA formats for video recorders .... check with the manual to see wever its D-R or D+R DISC U NEED ....... somm can rite on both formats ..... hope this helps

  halfwit 18:21 07 Feb 2004

mec 13. The + and - refer to the way it is burnt to the disk. apparently dvd +and - use adifferent wavelength laser but your multi recorder should be able to cope with both.

  SirGalahad2004 18:47 07 Feb 2004

you your copying softwear have you set it up for the drive you want to write to ?

  Brirev 20:35 07 Feb 2004

Reading the 1st posting it would seem that we've missed one of the important part of the question: "This will copy anything"!
I'm not sure if there is an easy way to "copy anything" as far as DVDs are concerned!?

  Rogerfredo 09:37 08 Feb 2004

Some DVD recorders will not work with certain (usually cheap) brands of DVD disc, even though they are "compatible". My NEC 1300A burner was supposedly OK with some budget DVDs from Novatech, but I could not get them to work. Then I bought some Memorex and got instant success.
(Incidentally, Novatech refunded - a good company!)

  mec13 18:03 14 Feb 2004

thanks for the responce, although I dont know what 'Mr Brirev'was trying to say, some good advice given by some of you. Anyway!
Free to a good home, half a dozen 'dvd+R', still sealed,(the others are coasters) hurry or these will also be destined to the same fate.
S. Yorkshire area,

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