Recording from the computer to external MiniDisk

  daisy2bell 11:02 26 Oct 2004

I'm trying to record from the computer to an external MiniDisk recorder, and I am having problems.
Soundcard is "Soundblaster Adigy LS" .I don't know which plug to use on the soundcard. Is it a simple case of Putting a cable into the "line out" of the soundcard and into the "line in" on the MiniDisk recorder, and then set to record.Or have I got to configure something.
Any help gratefuly accepted
I have previously recorded from the HiFi to the minidisk with success, but not having any luck from the computer to the MiniDisk

  johnnyrocker 11:07 26 Oct 2004

line out line in sounds the way to go but thr minidisc might need setting to aux?


  canard 15:04 26 Oct 2004

My grandson just plugs the minidisc into the microphone hole.

  daisy2bell 21:12 26 Oct 2004

I've sorted it. Silly me!!!!!!!!!!!
I used the wrong cable

Anyway, thanks everyone

  daisy2bell 10:54 17 Nov 2004

Having got it to work, I now have another problem, namely that when I listen to the recorded item on the minidisk using headphones, I only get sound from one side.
Is it possible to record in stereo

  Peverelli 11:33 17 Nov 2004

Check that the cable has a stereo plug on each end. A mono plug will have one black ring on the metal end and a stereo will have two. There is a possibility of a faulty lead. Does the sound come out of both speakers when you play music on the PC?

Check your headphones by playing music that you KNOW has been recorded in stereo.

Finally, make sure the plug is inserted fully at each end.

Obvious points I know, but then again people have been known to use the wrong cable ;-)

  daisy2bell 07:55 19 Nov 2004

Thanks for that

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