Recording audio via line in, which s/w to use?

  slysy 08:41 04 May 2003

I hope someone can give me some idea on which, if any, is the best software to use.

I'm a DJ and would like to record my practice sets, so that I can scrutinise them at a later date.
Is it possible to record audio direct to the hard drive, live, and in the MP3 format.
I will be using the line input on my souncard.

I know it is possible using the WAV format, but as I will be saving around 1 to 2 hours of audio at a time, I know that this format eats drive space up.

Any recommendations would be much appreciated.


  pj123 11:21 04 May 2003

I have a programme called WISmp3 - it doesn't actually record but it does convert .wav files to mp3.

If you don't find a programme that records and converts at the same time you could record as wav and then convert afterwards and then delete the wav files.

WISmp3 is from WIS Technologies.

  _Treb_ 11:30 04 May 2003

Could try Goldwave click here

  slysy 14:18 04 May 2003


i would normally record direct to HD as a WAV, but an hour or 2 of recording fills the available space. Also the conversion to MP3 takes an eternity, even with a XP2200 and 512MB ram.
So I was looking for a direct rcord to MP3 option.


I have just tried Goldwave, full version, but the recording side of it does not work correctly.

Its seems to notice the incoming signal as the VU meters move in time to the recording. However after saving the file and then playing back, the final signal is pretty much non existant.
All volume levels, etc, are set up correctly as the live playback is ok. Its just once its played back there appears to br no signal.

I have checked the options to ensure the correct soundcard details etc are set correctly, but it has no effect on the playback.

I will have to keep fiddling.

Appart from that problem the software seems to be very good, lots of effects and twaeks etc.

Thanks to you both.


  -pops- 14:30 04 May 2003

I have a Creative Extigy sound card. As an included accessory is Creative Recorder which will record from any sound source that enters the computer (What 'U' Hear mode). After that Creative Playcenter (also part of the setup) will convert to WAV to MP3 or WMA. A one hour radio program in WAV takes up about 550 - 600 MB, obviously MP3 is a tiny fraction of that. Conversion of WAV to MP3 takes about 15 minutes on my current machine, an AMD 1700XP.

I believe that most other modern Creative sound systems contain the same facilities, if not more. I use it a lot for recording the historical programs from Radio 7.

As a point of interest, before anyone comments about copyright and legalities of doing what I do. I have it on good authority from the BBC themselves that I am legally able to record these broadcasts. Coaster3 and others have been given the same information.


  pj123 14:33 04 May 2003

Yes, I agree with you recording and then converting does take a lot of time and disk space, because it has to be done in real time.

I have not seen a record and convert programme yet but I will keep looking.

  slysy 23:20 04 May 2003

I know that you can get a small hardware and software package that allows you to save audio from records, but I dont realy wont the extra hardware.

Tried running two turntable through a mixer, using the both the master and record outputs from the mixer, through the line in on my souncard.
This setup works for playback, live, prior to recording.

The output from the souncard is sent to a Packard Bell Digital Theater, before being sent to the relevant speakers.

I have checked in Sound Manager that the record feature, the line inputs and the correct soundcard are enabled.
Also checked the setup in Goldwave.
The live audio is recognised in Goldwave as the stereo meters move in time and function to the live audio.

When I try to playback the recorded or saved live audio, there is only a faint trace of audio, very small signal.

I have no idea what is wrong.

Will keep you posted.



  billyliv 00:37 05 May 2003

Hi, Web site- High Criteria, download Total recorder. You pay a one off fee of $15. It is a good recording prog. Cheers, Bill

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