Recorded TV onto DVD

  leedsafc 19:24 06 Jun 2007

Ive been trying to burn recorded TV to DVD using create CD/DVD in XP MCE 2005 however although the disc burns successfully it will not play on a stand alone DVD player, it will only show via a PC as a data file, this points to a data disc only. When i select create CD/DVD in XP MCE i dont appear to have the option to select what format, ie DVD video or DVD data. I have installed Nero but still the same issue. Am i doing something wrong. Any ideas please.

  jimv7 19:37 06 Jun 2007

Since you have nero installed, use nero vision express to convert your film to a watchable dvd film.

  leedsafc 20:57 06 Jun 2007

Thanks ive tried that but a message informs me that no copatable file can be found!

  leedsafc 20:59 06 Jun 2007

Oops! should be "compatable" sorry

  David4637 15:28 07 Jun 2007

Have you looked at the 2 folder names and files associated with these folders. What are the folder names and typical files contained therein?
Let us know, then we may be able to help?

  leedsafc 18:13 07 Jun 2007

Thanks for the reply. In Nero the files are (*.bop,*vob*ifo.) as default for Nero but there are no files associated in my recorded tv folder. However when i click on "all files" all my recorded tv files appear. When i select a file and click on add the error appears "no compatible file found" does that make any sense! But the point is i want to burn a dvd through XP MCE that will play on any dvd player, and not just data files.

  leedsafc 18:18 07 Jun 2007

As an amendment i cannot find the file type that MCE associates recorded tv perhaps someone can explain where i can find the file names.

  eedcam 19:21 07 Jun 2007

Download the free trial of video-redo and edit(remove adverts) In that then try and burn with nero.Ok its not a freebie but worth a try.I use VRD then a freebie called Gui dvd-author which create a video_Ts folder

  leedsafc 22:49 07 Jun 2007

Thanks for the advice, worth a try. I am using Nero version 6.3 OEM. Is it likley that it may not have all the features of the full or later versions that will affect XP mce 2005?

  David4637 13:44 08 Jun 2007

The folder names should be VIDEO_TS, it has your vob files etc and AUDIO_TS should have no files in it. Without these 2 folders it will NOT play on a standalone DVD Player. David

  jimv7 13:57 08 Jun 2007

I recorded peter sellers a shot in the dark last night.

On offering this file to nero vision express, it will convert to dvd then burn to disk, not a gitch in sight.

It comes down to the format your tv adapter saves in, check if you can change the format to mpeg, if not check nero sight for updates for the programme.

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