record minidisc to harddrive??

  ZEUSII 13:05 13 Mar 2003

Does anyone know if it's possible to record minidiscs to a PC?? I suspect not, but you never know!?


  cheapskate2k 13:18 13 Mar 2003

Im only speculating but its probably possible. Surely you can plug the md player in using the headphone socket or even a coax if you lucky then use a a programme to record it and then convert it into mp3 or whatever.

  nick_j007 14:45 13 Mar 2003

This might help?

click here

Good luck with it...

Nick Jones

  Scouse 14:51 13 Mar 2003

My Son has Sony NetMD which can transfer files to and from the PC. I know the software formats MP3's into its own readable format but reversal is possible.


  MartinT-B 14:58 13 Mar 2003

Yes it is if you have a decent sound card.

I recorded from minidisk to HD usinne the line in. Created a .wav file, which I converted to mp3.

That was 2 years ago - there are no doubt better ways to do it. The newer graphics cards have optical in which will give a better quality recording if your minidisc palyer has optical out.

  ZEUSII 15:02 13 Mar 2003

cheers all (sorry i didn't come back sooner but had to get rid of the annoying '3')

nick j007 - could post the link again? a type missmatch came up.

Scouse - my Sony is pretty old, i've got a PC link but it's v basic - really only good for recording from PC to minidisc

cheapskate2k (top name!) - will try your sugg, but agin it's knowing what software to use

cheers for all replies

  tenor 15:24 13 Mar 2003

Wont the minidisc go in your cd drive?

  nick_j007 15:35 13 Mar 2003

No. A minidisc is a disc but in this instance it is encased in a plastic case and spins within that. It would be great though to have a drive that would accept both the regular Cd's and minidiscs. You are I think, thinking of the 4 inch compact discs? They have a name I'm sure. Confusing innit?

ZEUSII. click here

Hope it works this time. Having looked at it again, I think it will only do it the other way around! Email them though to clarify.


Hey! Look at me! I'm writing a reply to SOMEBODY ELSES questions! Makes a change :-)

  ZEUSII 15:38 13 Mar 2003

cheers nick, will try the link again

  tenor 15:39 13 Mar 2003

Thanks nick,i was thinking of the other disc(without a case).The sooner everybody decides to use the same the better!

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