Record Midi Keyboard

  Tockman 19:01 25 May 2003

Hi PC Novice here.
I'm trying to record a Midi Keyboard on PC.
Have onboard soundcard MPU401 (XP)
Can't get any Midi sound through PC speakers!(I know midi isn't a sound as such but I should here something shouldn't I)
Line in WAV no probs.
Have checked volume control/Properties options/playback/record etc. no midi or midi slider volume control listed.
Checked in add hardware,Wizard reports device working properly.
Any Ideas anybody?
Thanks Tockman.

  Kitz E Kat 19:50 25 May 2003

I did a bit of messing around with MIDI, complicated!!!! This might sound mad but....
When i hooked up my MIDI keyboard i had a IN OUT THRU socket on the keyboard , and on the cable i had IN and OUT. Its a while ago but i do remember that after some hours with no sound i reversed the cables and Bingo, ie. i had the OUT on the cable going to the IN on the keyboard and the IN on the cable goin to the OUT on the keyboard, or visa versa! There is a possibility that this is your problem , at least i hope so as its easy corrected, i did feel like a muppet but there you go!! Give it a shot

  ton 20:30 25 May 2003

Is your keyboard a proper midi keyboard? (with no sound) If it is, you won't get sound from the line-in. I believe the joystick port is used. As you mentioned, midi itself isn't sound, merely instructions for the computer.

  Tockman 19:17 26 May 2003

Thanks for Advice will try.

  Tockman 19:25 26 May 2003

Hi, Thanks for reply,
Keyboard Technics KN 5000,
General Midi.
Piano Key board with Midi in/out/thru sockets.


  Peverelli 21:01 26 May 2003

Have you got your computer connected to the keyboard with a proper midi cable? As ton says, it's connected to your joystick port. I also have to put the plug marked 'In' into the 'Out' socket on my keyboard.

What midi program are you using? There should be a setting that allows you to use the PC's speakers instead of the keyboards speakers. I would have thought that it would sound better through the keyboard's own speakers though.

  Tockman 19:16 27 May 2003

Cables reversed,all is well.

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