Record from free sat box to pc??

  bunch1980 23:08 20 Oct 2009

Newbie here did a search couldnt find what im after. Im after just recording from a free sat box to my pc.
As we cant get a good digital or analogue signal here we have free sat.
so i need a capture card but which one? i havent seen any that have scart input so will need a scart to s-video thingy i guess and some how get audio out to.
Is there a card and software that can do this?



  Stuartli 23:33 20 Oct 2009

PC TV related products don't have Scart sockets...:-)

You need a satellite TV card such as:

click here

The software will allow you to make recordings on your hard drive (in similar fashion to PVRs).

I have a five-year-old Twinhan Freeview PCI TV card which offers all the features, via the ShowShifter software I use, of a PVR; the above satellite TV card would work in similar fashion.

You'll need a feed from your satellite dish (you may have to upgrade the LNB).

  Stuartli 23:34 20 Oct 2009

The alternative, of course, is a Freesat PVR such as one from the Humax range, but would be considerably more expensive.

  bunch1980 10:36 21 Oct 2009

Thanks Stuart,

Think one you suggested at maplin will not work unless i upgrade the lnb which im not sure i can with out paying sky to, and it says in questions it doesnt work with vista 64bit which is what i have ahh!
I might be best of waiting for a new dvb transmitter to be switched on in our area and see if that improves dvb and then get a normal dvb tv card!
Yeah the other option is to expensive!



  Jim_F 11:15 21 Oct 2009

You would need to check but most SCART sockets present composite video and stereo audio so whats needed is an adapter and a capture card a number of which are here: click here

I can't really recommend as my capture card (Hauppauge WinTV) is old as the hills but I'd say bear in mind that many cheap USB solutions only work with their own, fairly clunky software and can limit quality. Really video recording needs fairly powerful hardware and software - so if you're looking for quality results you could end up spending as much as a dedication Sat recorder.

  Jim_F 11:16 21 Oct 2009

or even a ...dedicated Sat recorder. :)

  Stuartli 15:00 21 Oct 2009

>>..unless i upgrade the lnb which im not sure i can with out paying sky to..>>

You won't have to pay Sky in any way. It's a straightfoward task for an aerial fitter (the LNB required is not expensive), plus an extra cable or two.

Sky and Freesat transmissions come from the same satellite.

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