Record desktop display

  Night Ryder 21:25 29 Sep 2005

I am looking for a means of displaying and recording the desktop dislay from my PC. I see graphics cards advertised with additional svideo connectors. Are these inputs or outputs?

  De Marcus™ 21:29 29 Sep 2005

Are you purpoting to recording what you do onscreen?

  De Marcus™ 21:30 29 Sep 2005

purpoting = purporting

  MAJ 21:30 29 Sep 2005

Are these for tutorials, Night Ryder?

  VoG II 21:33 29 Sep 2005

click here courtesy of Powerless.

  De Marcus™ 21:35 29 Sep 2005

Is that the same software powerless uses for his tutorials?

  VoG II 21:36 29 Sep 2005

Amongst others I believe.

  De Marcus™ 21:39 29 Sep 2005

OK, sorry Night Ryder, I was a little curious, powerless' tutorials have always seemed to be top notch unlike ones I have produced.

  powerless 21:40 29 Sep 2005

You mean to create something like this: click here ?

If so click here [All the bells, etc]

This will record the screen [Output is AVI only] but it's main use is for print screens, but cheaper click here

Captivate is an awesome bit of kit, it can detect the text in dialog boxes etc, powerful stuff, but a bit of a learning curve and it's expensive click here

There is a free one, but i cannot remember the link.

  GaT7 21:48 29 Sep 2005

Will this free one do? Screenshot Captor click here.

Other related free ones click here. G

  De Marcus™ 21:51 29 Sep 2005

Again Night Ryder I apologise for kinda hijacking your thread, thanks powerless, looking into them.

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