Record of BIOS settings

  ect 08:42 11 Sep 2004

Is there any way of capturing screenshots or any software out there, so you can have a record of your BIOS settings, in case you have to re enter them all for whatever reason?

  Diodorus Siculus 08:48 11 Sep 2004

Probably... but I don't know of any.

However, someone here once posted a link to a series of photographs of the BIOS screen taken with a digital camera and it struck me as a good idea!

  Stuartli 09:34 11 Sep 2004

It's a question of sheets of paper, a pen and detailing each screen's contents and settings...:-)

  Stuartli 09:43 11 Sep 2004

Just a thought - my motherboard manual has full details of each Bios page's features and settings, whether default or user changeable.

If your manual is the same, you could pencil in what default settings you have retained and which you have altered/disabled/enabled etc.

  Sapins 09:57 11 Sep 2004

Try this click here has a free programme easy to use and you can save images.

  ect 10:31 11 Sep 2004

The digital camera did cross my mind, haven't got one yet, normally takes a couple of years to get a film developed with my camera, I probably should get out more! At first sight the prog link from Sapins, looks like it needs to be in windows to work, but will be useful anyway, will check it out. Think I'll scan some of my mobo manual pages and scribble my settings on that for the time being.
Thanks all for your help and such a quick response.

  Sapins 11:12 11 Sep 2004

You're right, Gadwin won't work in set-up, funny thing though, I chose shift/F6 as the default key and when I used it in set-up it changed the language, had a little panic attack and quickly rebooted to make sure I was still using English. I'm going to e-mail Gadwin to see if there is a work around, will let you know if there is,



  ect 15:35 11 Sep 2004

Thanks Sapins

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