record audio that is playing

  johnincrete 08:22 10 Aug 2010

I am sure I have seen the answer to my question but my searches have proved fruitless mainly because I don't know keywords.
I have a situation where a radio programme plays in Real Player, free version, without any means of downloading it or saving it to play again later.
I know there is software that will record anything that is playing currently. Can anyone suggest some software please?

  Monoux 08:28 10 Aug 2010

Try Jet Audio click here

  eedcam 08:33 10 Aug 2010

Audacity is well liked free and well supported
click here

  Batch 08:50 10 Aug 2010

I believe it will also depend on what your hardware supports.

I have a desktop, a laptop and a netbook (all with onboard sound - i.e. not separate sound cards). Audacity works OK recording sound on the fly on the latop and netbook, but the desktop doesn't support it. In the drop down list of sources in Audacity on the desktop, there isn't a suitable option, just Mic, Line and CD. Whereas on the lappie and netbook there is an additional source (can't remember what it's called off the top of my head).

But no harm in trying Audacity and seeing if it works for you.

  johnincrete 18:16 10 Aug 2010

Audacity did not work for me on desktop. I will try on my brand new all-singing & dancing laptop

  eedcam 22:22 10 Aug 2010

batch the additional source is Stereo mix .The fact you cant see it may well be the settings on your spound card

  kristain 09:05 11 Aug 2010

click here and read carefully to record audio that's playing on your pc

  Batch 09:38 11 Aug 2010

The source varies with the hardware.

My desktop and netbook have realtek sound and this does indeed show the relevant (on the netbook) as Stereo Mix.

The lappie has Sound Max sound and shows the relevant source as Wave Out Mix.

Not all sound hardware (in conjunction with their drivers) support on the fly sound recording. It's just a fact of life.

  eedcam 12:35 11 Aug 2010

Batch agreed but you also might have to tick the relevant box I have realtek but if I dont tick stereo mix it wont show in audacity .A point easily overlooked

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