Reconnecting to the Internet

  scouser 10:52 24 Oct 2006

I have three PCS, two Mesh and an old Dan. The Mesh use Windows XP (Home Edition)and the Dan Windows ME.
They are connected seperately to the Internet (Broadband) via a Netgear Router, ADSL, the IP provider is BT.
This also doubles up as an Home Office Network with all computers being 'seen' by the others via Ethernet cables.
However the latest Mesh computer had the OS badly corrupted by some software and I had (with the help of Mesh) to reninstall XP.
But now I cannot get on to the Internet with this computer (the others are still OK. When I first got it all I did was plug in the Ethernet cable and it did everything itself, now, however it says I am not connected to the internet and I just get an unobtainable page.
Information is coming through via the cable as the light, for this computer, is lit up on the router, and the light on the computer's socket is flickering. Also it shows 'Lan or High speed Network Connection 1394 connected, firewalled, 1394 Net adaptor.'Incidentally it has no Modem as I did not have one installed as I was using the Ethernet card and router,
But the computer is longer visible on the other computers.
I have tried all the usual setting up processes, but nothing changes. When using repair section it states: 'Windows could not finish repair problem because the following action cannot be completed: Failed to query TCP/IP setting of the connection, cannot proceed.'
When looking at the support network connection there is no IP Address, subnet mask, or default gateway shown.
I only have 29 days left to register the OS system with Microsoft, the computer tells me.
Also since reinstalling XP it will not shut down but hangs until I have to switch it off with the button.
I am an OAP so any help would be greatly appreciated.
Many Thanks,
Peter Clarke

  Giggle n' Bits 10:58 24 Oct 2006

Is Windows XP Service Pack 2 installed, have you installed the drivers for things like Network adapter, graphics, Audio etc. Problem is if you do not have a SP2 CD then with no internet this would be a case of asking if Mesh or Microsoft could supply you with one.

Also make sure that in the Internet Explorer options never dial is selected.

I can offer to talk you through to check things via phone call but I need to be invited by yourself before I contact you.

  scouser 09:52 25 Oct 2006

Thanks Wing*Walker for your response to my problem and your offer to telephone me and walk me through it if I cannot solve it. I will certainly accept your offer if I can not sort it out without doing so.
Firstly I think the Mesh reinstall disc does have SP2 on it as these words are written on it. However I do have a disc from a magazine containing SP2 and I used this again and the computer accepted it.
Regarding drivers, I forgot all about these. Mesh did not supply a driver disc, which as I remember other makes did, but recommended a back-up of the Driver file. I copied this file onto a DVD disc, when I first got the computer, and have installed it on the computer.
However I am not sure what to do next. The file is 26MB in size but does not appear to have a 'run' mode. I copied the file to My Documents but when I opened it it contained. Cyberlink, DVD Solution and DX9 and opening these produced sub folders marked Data 1, Data 2, and other files but how does one execute the file? Where should it be put for windows to find it? And do you think it contains the drivers I need as mentioned in your reply?
At the moment I have no sound, and could not play a CD Music disc so the drivers (and probably others) are missing.
All this may be part of my problem.
I look forward to gettong your comments,
Many Thanks.

  Poitier 13:01 25 Oct 2006

It might be of help to know that I have a 2yr old Mesh PC. I also copied the "Drivers" folder to 2 CD s when PC was new. The size was 770mb and it contained sub folders for modem,motherboard,sound,video etc updated(SP2),583mb.

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