Recommended Websites?

  K.H© 00:35 23 Apr 2003

Every time i connect to the internet i seem to end up on this same site all the time. (it is a great site after all, good job PCadvisor).

Any way, i was wandering if any one could recommend any descent websites which may entertain me?

Thanks in advance


  troydi 00:40 23 Apr 2003

It depends what you're interested in. Perhaps going to google (click here) would give you a headstart on looking for something to interest you. Let me know what you come up with!

  powerless 00:43 23 Apr 2003

click here PC related.

  K.H© 00:46 23 Apr 2003

that's exactly my problem, ive been on that website too many times in an attempt to find some good websites but i always end up thinking of what to search for!

p.s thank you for the speedy response

  hugh-265156 00:47 23 Apr 2003
  K.H© 00:48 23 Apr 2003

thank you - checking it out now :)


  Ironman556 00:50 23 Apr 2003

I'd forgotten about that.

Why not make your own website?

  K.H© 00:52 23 Apr 2003

thank you, found it very entertaining


  K.H© 00:54 23 Apr 2003

lol, i have tried that - didnt know what to make it about (surprise, surprise) thank you any way

sorry this may be annoying you all now.


  K.H© 00:57 23 Apr 2003

please could i have the favourites file u have built? i have read your other discussion and by the replys of the other members, it sound very good.



  hugh-265156 01:00 23 Apr 2003

me to please if previous offer still stands.

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