Recommended VPN software

  setecio 22:02 02 Nov 2009

Windows 7 VPN client software is failing to create a VPN which works fine on an XP machine.

What are the alternative secure VPN software programs to use, if I can't get win7's built in software to work ?

  mgmcc 11:33 03 Nov 2009

Is this your own VPN or are you trying to access a network at your work?

For personal use you could try Hamachi click here

  setecio 13:38 03 Nov 2009

It is connecting to a work network. I found this post which is exactly the same problem and I think it might be a problem with winows 7 itself.

click here

  setecio 15:17 03 Nov 2009

Do any of the details on the win 7 machine itself matter .... ie. the computer name and workgroup and windows logon username and password or should it be only reliant on the actual details provided for the VPN connection ?

  setecio 15:20 03 Nov 2009

Reading that link again that I posted click here , I'm not sure what the first line of the post means :

QUOTE >>>>>>>>>>
I am able to VPN into my work where it verifies my logon with the domain. I am unable to connect to another network that doesn't require the domain.

  setecio 15:55 03 Nov 2009

mmmmmmm The version is Home Premium ... is this the reason ? click here

does it need to be upgraded to Professional ?
Even when the VPN option seems to allow the setup of a VPN in Home Premium.

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