Recommended case for my HTPC build.

  elsmandino 20:18 27 Sep 2009

Hi everyone,

I have finished putting together a media computer build that I hope is as cool and quiet as possible:

Mobo: Gigabyte GA-MA785GPM-UD2H
CPU: Athlon II x2 240
HDD: 1.5TB WD Eco Green, partitioned for OS
OS: Windows 7 using MCE
PSU: Corsair 450VX
CPU Cooler (only if needed): Scythe Orochi
TV Tuner Card: Black Gold BGT3595 (when release next month)
RAM: 2x2GB Corsair DDR800
Optical Drive: LG BluRAy Player

All I have left to do is choose a case. I like the idea of the Remote Fusion Remote Max for its good reviews for low noise but have heard that the Silverstone SST-LC16M is an even better case - though quite expensive!

Can anyone vouch for either of these cases or suggest a better alternative?

Your help would be very much appreciated.

  Audio~~Chip 21:24 27 Sep 2009

I would work out the measurments for the Scythe Orochi its very tall!

All I can say about cases is read online reviews about the cases.

  Woolwell 22:03 27 Sep 2009

See this click here

  Woolwell 22:05 27 Sep 2009

Ps Hope I've got it wrong.

  OTT_Buzzard 22:29 27 Sep 2009

The trick to quiet HTPC's is to keep power consumption to a minimum. Keep the processor spec to an absolute minimum, and if possible underclock it.

Make sure that your mobo choice has a voltage control on it (which as far as i can male out, the GA-MA785GPM-UD2H does have). That way you can find the lowest possble operating voltage for the processor (and the rest of the board if possible). That keeps the heat down, and hence the noise.

The LG Blu Ray drives can be a little noisy.

4GB RAM is overkill. 2GB max is all you need if it is a pure media center. Any more than that will waste power and generate heat and therefore....

Can't comment on the Antec Fusion Max. I use the slimline version of it in my media center and it's ok. Stock fans are a little noisy but can be quietened down by rewiring them into the motherboard fan controllers.

Just to give an example of the heat it generates, it's running an E5400 underclocked to 1.6GHz @ approx 1.1v, the £10 cooler is set to run at minimum speed and the processor never goes above 40°C junction temps during normal running. That'll be around 36°C case temp.
All case fans run at minimum speed (approx 800rpm?) all the time. It's virtually silent.

No fancy coolers, no excess hardware. It runs perfectly!

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