Recommended case for Athlon 64?

  Gaz W 17:51 22 Mar 2005

Does anyone know of a good value case (preferably black and silver) that is 100% compatible with an Athlon 64 system? It would need to take a full ATX motherboard and come with a decent PSU to run the Athlon 64 (possibly with SLi graphics at a later stage).

I've looked around and a lot of the cases I've found are both expensive and tacky - ridiculous big coloured rocket shaped things with chrome fans all over, which I don't like. Call it boring, but I'm just after something more clean in design. I saw some cases by CompuCase which I like the look of, but they are only Micro ATX and unsuitable for Athlon 64 PCs.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions,


  Gaz W 19:17 22 Mar 2005

What I've noticed mainly is that a lot of cases are suddenly coming with 300W power supplies again. Surely that wouldn't be powerful enough?

  jbp1982 19:31 22 Mar 2005

Lian Li cases are good, you need a power supply separately, more money, but again you only get what you pay for:

click here

  Gaz W 19:48 22 Mar 2005

I must admit I like the Lian-Li cases, but they are a little bit too expensive for the system I'm doing (around £400). I agree that they are good, but the price is the thing that puts me off, especially when they have no PSU!

  jbp1982 19:51 22 Mar 2005

Take a look round that store they're very reputable. I myself have a Lian Li, it keeps everything cool in its cold aluminium shell.

  rubella 20:00 22 Mar 2005

I believe you’d do much better to buy the case and psu separately. Not all power supplies are equal. Sadly, one often reads “get a psu with blah blah watts” as if that was all there was to it, it aint. It’s rather like those white goods stores that claim a midi sound system has x many watts, and then you find in reality that’s a figure for one channel driven, a dodgy THD value, and a skinny amount of amps. All my machines at the moment are running with 485w Enermax Noisetakers. They are among the very best, and with little chance of failure. You may not wish to spend quite that much, but be very cautious of the “comes fitted with psu”.

Couldn’t take issue with Lian Li, but they are up in the top branches on bucks. A good solid alternative favourite with many case modders is Chieftec.

click here

  Gaz W 20:17 22 Mar 2005

Thanks for the suggestions so far...

I have done that with the power supply myself... my case is actually not a very good one but I spent about £66 on my power supply. The trouble is, I don't want to spend £60-£100 on the case and PSU alone in a budget system when the power supplies that come with cases are often fine. I'm using a PC right now with a Tsunami Virgo case and its original 350W power supply, and it's worked fine for 3 years. I have a very cheap case upstairs that's been working for nearly 8 years with its original 250W power supply.

All I'm saying is, surely there must be a decent black and silver midi case & PSU combination for less than £50, ideally nearer to £40?

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