Recommendations for wireless Keyboard/Mouse combo

  compumac 19:31 09 Oct 2012

I now think that my current wireless combo will have to be put into the spares cupboard and am looking for inspiration for a replacement set. Any suggestions/recommendations?

Original posting on problems

  northumbria61 20:11 09 Oct 2012

This one won't break the Bank (unless you want to pay more) enter link description here

  northumbria61 20:13 09 Oct 2012
  compumac 20:34 09 Oct 2012

northumbria61 Any reason for your selections?

  compumac 20:34 09 Oct 2012

northumbria61 Any reason for your selections?

  northumbria61 20:47 09 Oct 2012

Price, Reviews - a keyboard & mouse is just that to me (I am not a gamer) so I don't believe in paying over the odds. Logitech have a good reputation. It is purely personal choice but both will do the job.

  compumac 20:51 09 Oct 2012

northumbria61 Yes I have looked at the reviews but was hoping for some personal experiences in respect of these. I am not a gamer either except for Majong Titans!

  Woolwell 21:06 09 Oct 2012

I've got one of these Logitech and am quite pleased with keyboard and mouse.

  Woolwell 23:17 09 Oct 2012

It's the same. You can get it cheaper from a number of outlets compared to Logitech rrp.

  compumac 09:28 10 Oct 2012


If you look at the enlarged display on the Amazon site for the Logitech keyboard you will find that it shows a non-English script on the keys. I got caught out in that manner years ago. The despatched unit might not be the same but.......

  Woolwell 09:54 10 Oct 2012

Same product Dabs com but you have to add vat and delivery.

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