Recommendations for Video Editing PC

  Jem 15:18 27 Dec 2010

My 5 year old Evesham (dual core Athlon 3800, with 3GB RAM and MSI Neo Platimum motherboard) is behaving erratically (see my other posting) and I think the time may have come to replace it - we rely on it so much!

The desktop machine is used for normal stuff but the most demanding is (I think) video editing using Adobe Premiere Elements. We also edit and store large amounts of still photos.

I am thinking of building my own machine so I can reuse the large Hard Drives in my existing machine and possibly the Sound Blaster Fatality X-Fi card. In trying to fix my existing machine I also bought an Antec 650W Trupower PSU (which turned out not to be the fix) so I would plan to use this in the new one.

What are the recommendations for such a machine? I would want it to be reasonably future proof (I hang onto my PCs). I was thinking of emulating the Chilliblaster Reaper spec but with 12GB RAM and possibly a simpler/cheaper graphics card as we don't use the machine for extreme gaming.

Any ideas/suggestions welcome. Thanks

  Ian in Northampton 15:49 27 Dec 2010

As a general guide only...

1. Configure two hard drives, and dedicate one to video editing
2. The video editing software you choose will determine what kind of graphics card would be good. Some v/e software takes advantage of the graphics card, others don't. In turn, the graphics card will largely determine the PSU.
3. A dual - or better - core CPU will generally be worthwhile. Some v/e software makes better use of this than others.
4. I think the amount of memory you configure will largely depend on your OS. No point configuring 12GB if you're using XP, for example, which can, IIRC, only use 3.5GB.

  hastelloy 16:24 27 Dec 2010

I'd go for i7 processor if funds allow - or i5 (I have i5). I have 8GB RAM using W7 64 bit. I have a 250GB C drive for OS and some software, a 500 GB D drive for general data, a 500GB HDD for video, photo and music storage and a 500 GB HDD as a video work area with Premiere Elements installed on it with (temporarily) copies of the files I need for the current project. I also have external HDDs for backing up everything. My PC is based on click here

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