recommendations, Please, mobo, cpu, gfx.

  Joe McG 19:36 22 Jul 2003

Hi all,

Just to ask a big favour, in the hope that people who are using similar h/ware, may be able to give me a few pointers.

I am upgrading to a larger cpu, mobo and gfx card.

I don,t have a great deal of money, and have narrowed it down to (approx) CPU = £150 Mobo = £80 GFX = £140.

I'm stuck between, the pentium 4 2.66, and the athlon 2800xp (barton).

The mobo I'm still unsure of, but i'm hoping I can get one with dual channel ddr, with at least 3 dimm slots. Onboard facilities are non-important due to Audigy card and USB broadband.

I require a video-in module on the gfx card, (analogue camcorder), and have narrowed it down to, a Gainward golden sample ti4800, and a Leadtek 256mb fx5600.
Does anyone have any experience of these cards, or any other recommendations would be welcome.

I will buy my memory as usual, from Crucial (hopefully it will go down in price shortly).

Any input of any type will be most welcome.

Thanx Joe.

  akzah 20:07 22 Jul 2003


I would say that 2.66 Ghz P4 Chip might be more expensive though quicker than the AMD. Make sure if your buying online that you are buying from a repuatble company such as

Good Luck


  AMD 4 ever 20:18 22 Jul 2003

The 2800XP will not cost that much, get the 2800, and get a nforce board chipset with dual ddr, and grab some crucial 3200[400mhz]. The Gainward is a excellent card, having used this in a recent build it is gorgeous, and they hand pick only the best chips. That would make for a powerful pc. But make sure you have allowed the follwing too: 1\ Exceleltn rated PSU Enermax 431watt psu or higher and some good cooling management.

  Joe McG 20:29 22 Jul 2003

Thanks guys,

AMD 4 ever, thanks for the comments on the Gainward card.

I have a Gainward gforce 3 ti200 card at the moment, and have been very happy with it. It will now pass on to my daughters system, to replace a good steady workhorse, the Voodoo 3 3000.

As regards the cooling I splashed out about a year ago and bought myself an Antec SX840, and my system runs very cool.

Thanks again, maybe someone can point me towards a suitable Socket 478 or socket A board.

  AMD 4 ever 23:22 22 Jul 2003

Socket A A7V8X-X is fantastic upto 3000xp, supports 8X agp, and 400mhz ram[note one stick though]

  instant^mash 00:09 23 Jul 2003


I am using the ASUS P4P800 with a p4 2.4c (800mhz fsb)- £150 for the cpu, £115 for the deluxe board I have, but you could try the Abit solution available for £73 here:

click here

Both support Dual DDR 400 with 4 dimm slots.

Vid card? If I had £140 I would try and get a 9500pro... don't know if they have video in though.



  Mastermind 00:26 23 Jul 2003

If you're going to go for the AMD CPU then the Asus A7N8X Deluxe and Abit NF7-S are both worth a look.

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