Recommendation for Registry Repairer/ accelerator

  alternator 10:04 27 Nov 2007

I have had my computer about two year now, and it appears to be throwing up inexplicable problems with certain software that don't appear to be resolved by known common solutions. I have downloaded several different Registry Repairers that indicate there are problems with my system, but before I fork out any money I would appreciate any recommended software

  cocteau48 10:25 27 Nov 2007

Check out this thread from a couple of days ago on the same subject
click here

  rdave13 10:34 27 Nov 2007

Also have a look here. click here .

  alternator 10:38 27 Nov 2007

Please excuse my laziness for not checking previous posts. I will give them a go. I already have regscrubxp, but I have been told it is a little harsh. I am not sure what all these programs do, are the free ones as good as the ones you pay for. I was told there is no such thing as a free lunch, but am always ready for a free meal if it is as good as what you pay for

  alternator 10:43 27 Nov 2007

thanks for that, oh so much choice! I think I will give this a shot. I will mark this thread as resolved so it doesn't get too long, thanks again to all that posted, a great help

  cocteau48 10:54 27 Nov 2007

Re RegscrubXP: rendered my machine unusable,even the in prog reg restore would not work,had to resort to system restore in safe mode. But that is only as it affected my machine - many on the forum will give it a glowing recommendation.
Similar experience with Regseeker although in that instance at least the reg restore function did work.
Always backup your registry first - just in case.

Reg Mechanic is a very good "paid for" prog but the majority of the others,the ones which find hundreds of errors and want you to but the prog in order to fix them are ,by and large,scaremongering.
The freebie ones already quoted are just as good.

  alternator 11:01 27 Nov 2007

I feel better informed now, just trying Ashampoo

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