Recommendation for good Back Up Software

  23790954 22:08 16 Aug 2004

Can anyone recommend a good back up software, easy to use (I am an O.A.P.) and which will transfer data onto C.D.'s via my CD writer. I did purchase Power Quest Drive Image 7, to do this, and although it is good for copying hard-drive to hard-drive, it will not transfer data onto CD's via my CD writer, as my CD writer is a new ATAPI 52x24x52, and that is not compatible with the software. It would appear by the list of compatible CD writers on the Power Quest website that only CD writers under 24x are compatible with the software, and there are no facilities on the software to regulate the speed of the CD writer. Its a pity prospective purchasers are not told these facts, or they are not advertised on the merchandise whe you go to purchase them. Anyway I'll be obliged for any information on the matter. OR As I am about to change my motherboard to a different make, is there any way I can use the data on my present hard-drive, with my new motherboard installed, without having to format it and reinstall the data. Operating system Windows 2000 Pro.

  GibsonSt19 22:27 16 Aug 2004

However, this months (or maybe last months edition) of Personal Computer World Magazine had a full version of Ace Backup 2003, which is great. I'm sure PCA would also have something similar to boast also.

Hope that helps.

  stalion 22:32 16 Aug 2004

ace backup was on the 10/04 edition of pca

  Danoh 00:02 17 Aug 2004

I presume you have tried to backup to CD-Rs and got a failure although other CD-R coping has worked?

You appear to have a separate question as well which I'm not sure I understand; there should be no need for you to change your harddrive just because you are upgrading your motherboard. Why do you think you need to? The extra information you give may help us to pinpoint what advice we can give.

  Danoh 21:32 17 Aug 2004

Danoh, Thanks for the interest shown to my query.

I am presently using an EPOX 8RDA motherboard in my system, with an Athlon 2500+ processor, running windows 2000 PRO. However serious problems have caused me to decide to change my motherboard: e.g. My system does not always recognise components used in USB connections. Sometimes when turning on the system, it does not pick up the broadband USB modem, and I have to switch the system on and off again, sometimes more than once to be able to use the modem.

My scanner is also a USB fitment, and I spent over 3 hours continuously trying to make the system recognise it, uninstalling it and reinstalling it, without success. I then switched off my system and left it. The next day when I switched on my computer system, the scanner was picked up and worked perfectly. It has since then decided to stop working again. Due to that I am replacing my motherboard, with an MSI motherboard.

Now my query, I have two 80gig hard-drives, one which is used on my system, and the other is a spare, in case of emergency. Both have exactly the same data, Operating system, files, drivers, programmes etc. on them.

My enquiries reveal that when I change my motherboard, I will not be able to run either of these hard-drives on the system and that I will have to format my hard-drive and reistall all the data through the new motherboard.

I want to try and avoid doing this, so that was the reason for asking for information re a good back up software.

I would be interested to hear your views on this matter. Once again many thanks for the interest shown.


  Danoh 21:46 17 Aug 2004

I hope you do not mind if I shared your very clear email to myself, so that others more knowledgable than I could also chip in to help.

I still fail to see why the problems you have in having USB devices being recognised as down to the motherboard (where did you get this advice?). It is more to do with the USB driver software which comes bundled with Win2000 operating system (which is different from Office 2000 Pro, an application software bundle of Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint).

Downloading and installing new USB drivers that are specific to your operating system would sort your problems out and your hard drives would be fine just as they are.

In fact, it may be worth your while changing the operating system to Windows XP which has oodles of bundled USB drivers for almost every peripheral you can think of.

Back to Drive Image 7 ~ had you tried to burn CD-Rs with it? Try experimenting. By shopping around for spindles of 50 or even 100, price per CD-R is down to 20p each. You might as well have the media to be able to use your CD writer as you have already paid for it.

Hope that is helpful, but please do post back again within your thread as despite the summer holiday season, I'm sure other helpful souls will chip in when they get sight of this and respond while I get distracted by my day job.

  Danoh 21:49 17 Aug 2004

And so there should be no need to replace your motherboard if you simply download USB drivers or upgrade to Windows XP operating system which is a more expensive option but worthwhile in the medium term.

  zanwalk 22:08 17 Aug 2004

I would just add to above advice that if your W2K Operating System is properly updated via Microsoft update, you should have no need to upgrade to XP.

  Danoh 22:22 17 Aug 2004

I agree with rayburn.

I also did a search for other posts with “USB” in the subject heading and found these which you might find useful reading;

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  Maineman 00:02 18 Aug 2004

It's probably already sorted but Nero is the best for CD or DVD backups. Easy to use for anybody!

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