Recommend a MoBo please.....

  Mutant_Llama 09:20 29 Oct 2004

I currently have:

Mesh Athlon XP2400 (266FSB)
1GB 266htz memory
Radeon 9700PRO AGP *8 (though only *4 on mobo)
Asus A7A-266E Mobo (alimagik2 chipset)

The PC originally came with 512MB memory so I increased it to 1GB but had, and still have, a number of errors. I fully tested the memory and both modules were fine, it worked fine at 768MB but the two 512 modules together kept bringing up errors (to this day)

I think the weakest link in the PC is now the mobo, and I plan to get myself a new one but have no idea what would class a decent replacement Mobo (though for the time being I want to use the existing HW, not upgrade to 333htz memory).

I have seen an apparently decent and cheap Mobo:

(click here)

But do not want to get a cheap mobo and replace like for like.....can anyone help?

  Belatucadrus 12:26 29 Oct 2004

The PcChips M848ALU that your link points too gets a lot of good customer reviews, most seem to give it 5/5. It's only apparent draw back is that if you choose at some point to upgrade the CPU to something equal to or faster than 333fsb, at that point you need to update the BIOS.

  ianeon 13:07 29 Oct 2004

Wots "MOBO" ?

  Noelg23 13:11 29 Oct 2004

Mobo is short for motherboard...why not try MSI mobo I use their boards when building PCs for people and they are very here and if you check click here you will find one at about £30 thats really good...

  dan 11 13:13 29 Oct 2004

Mobo = Motherboard.

  dan 11 13:26 29 Oct 2004

You should be alright with that motherboard and at £21.99 it's not a lot of money. The cpu and memory should work well together, plus the fact that your graphics card will run at the full 8X. Plus you have the option to flash for future up grades as Belatucadrus has pointed out.

If you are running XP , then the likely hood is that you will have to re-install the operating system. If you are running 98, then you may get away with it. In any case, remove the motherboard drivers and sound card / chip drivers before you finally shut down the old board. This may help when you fire up your new board.

  Mutant_Llama 17:15 29 Oct 2004

Cheers guys! I have ordered an A-bit NF7 v2.0 which allows for easy upgrades when I decide to get a faster processor and memory.

I will get the new mobo Wednesday where I will proceed to replace the mobo and then format/reinstall Windows XP, ta!

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