Recommend me a good external HDD 1Tb+ pls

  nick_j007 18:51 22 Jun 2009

I'd like a 1 Tb or 1.5 Tb external HDD. Or indeed is it best to place inside desktop?

Can anyone make a firm recommendation pls? Mostly for images and music and video files.

I like to buy through ebuyer...anything there for example?



  canarieslover 19:45 22 Jun 2009

If you have space inside the case then an internal hard drive is the sensible way to go unless you absolutely need the portability of an external drive. Accessing files and saving them will be vastly quicker than any USB connected external drive though if you have an e-sata connection and external drive the difference will not be so great. Just look on ebuyer and see that you can get a Samsung 1Tb eco for £60 or the faster 7200 rpm for £73. Externals tend to be a bit dearer because of the need for a casing. Personally I would try to find one with it's own power supply rather than running off the USB.

  nick_j007 19:56 22 Jun 2009


No real need for a removable/portable drive no.

I do have a spare slot on the front of my tower, but what connections are free or the power supply is not clear at present.

I'm not confident inside my PC apart from changing RAM and giving it a vacuum ;)

Will look inside for free cables and so on and report back thanks.

  nick_j007 13:49 01 Jul 2009

Allow me to look at this again then:

I think that inserting a new 1Tb drive into the tower would be tidiest/fastest.

I have a single Sata plug left on my motherboard. I have 4 in total with one free (two blue cables and a red at present). Please check my image to confirm I'm on the right tracks.

click here

I'd end up with a 3.5 inch drive right? How will I fit that into my tower given the very wide aperture I looks like it's ready for a DVD drive for example. Could I just fix it on the right hand side with a couple of screws, it's not as though it's being moved about. See the images to see what I mean please.

Power to the drive. I have a few spare looking plugs. Can you tell from my image what I have and what I'll need?

I have a cart open at SVP with some blank media waiting an order, I could get those bits from them hopefully.

Thanks in advance.


  gazzaho 17:03 01 Jul 2009

I agree totally with canarieslover, an internal drive will work much faster than an external with the exception of an E-SATA external drive. The problem is E-SATA drives aren't that common, any external drives I've seen recently are USB only, the drive inside the casing may be SATA but the interface used for data transfer is USB, this is something I'm perplexed about as USB is slower. The reason may be that USB connections are more common on systems than dedicated E-SATA ports.

It would appear that you can attach one internal drive below the DVD drive and above the floppy drive, is there more space above the DVD drive? The pictures don't show it, you also appear to have an additional power socket to power the new drive and you also have a free SATA socket so installing one shouldn't be a problem. If you don't have space above the DVD drive I would suggest moving the DVD drive down and install the new hard drive above the DVD drive, this way the heat generated won't be absorbed by the DVD drive. I'm not saying the DVD drive will be affected but better being safe than sorry.

I recent ally installed a Samsung F1 1TB drive myself and I'm more than happy with the performance.

Good luck with your installation.

  gazzaho 20:14 01 Jul 2009

I forgot to mention you may need to use sonething like this in order to fit a 3.5" drive into a 5.25" drive bay click here

  laurie53 08:32 02 Jul 2009

Slightly off Nick's problem but you can get e-sata enclosures fairly easily.

Then it's just a matter of fitting the drive to the enclosure and bringing the e-sata connection from the mobo to either the front or rear of the computer, depending on your preference or the need for portability.

  nick_j007 09:33 02 Jul 2009

Thanks Laurie noted. I'll probably stick it in the tower now though anyway :)

Gazzaho. That's great thanks. more than helpful. I guessed that unless you could see via those pics we'd be here forever ;)

So I definately have power for the new drive?

The caddy adaptor thing looks ideal too thank you.

I shall sort this later on now I know I can do as I want.


  gazzaho 17:02 02 Jul 2009

Yeah the pics where invaluable, the third pic showing the wiring shows what appears to be a power plug in the middle of the picture, I've highlighted it in this pic. click here

Thanks for your info laurie but I was referring more to retail external hard drives being hard to get with E-SATA rather than the do it yourself home approach. I've a couple of Icyboxed drives myself though they are USB due to the old IDE interface. I may at a later date try an E-SATA enclosure and drive for Acronis backup duty, it would be far faster than the USB approach.

  gazzaho 17:11 02 Jul 2009

Damn my memory is going, I ment to post this link to fitting a SATA drive click here have a read through it, it might help.

  nick_j007 22:20 02 Jul 2009

Brilliant. Once again thank you.

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