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Hi all. I would like to host my website off my computer since I have BB. I have all of the neccesary tools for resolving my IP address to my host name that I have (click here), should it change.

However, I would like you to recommend me some web servers as I am not too keen on IIS which is built into Windows XP Pro.

I've been recommended Apache. I came here to see what you opinions are...

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  Aspman 13:30 05 Feb 2003

Go with a linux based option. If nothing else all the software will be free all you have to lose is time.

We have been using Red Hat here as a proxy server, with Apache running an intranet. Its never fallen over in nearly 4 months now.

If you are used to windows its a bit of a beast to get linux setup. There are a few Linux Gurus in this forum however who would answer your questions.


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Chhers M8

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