Recommend a good isp

  holly polly 14:55 17 Feb 2007

Hi just had a bad experience with sky bb absolute sh**e dont bother after being on the phone they say they are going to issue me with my mac code so i can migrate somewhere else.
which leaves me in a dilema can everyone please recommend a good isp decent speeds 30 days minimum contract call centre in england not china or another foreign country decent email which i can access through outlook ie pop 3 account.
all i want really is a connection and email address without the bells and nanny state that some isp give you.
best regards
Holly Polly

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:57 17 Feb 2007
  anskyber 15:16 17 Feb 2007

I use Zen, but do some comparison checks here. click here

  Wizards_Sleeve 15:22 17 Feb 2007

My BT 8meg is pretty good, reliable and fast, only problem is the call centre is BT Calcutta!

  dogbreath1 15:27 17 Feb 2007

A young guy I know takes calls from disgruntled BB subscribers.

His general experience is that you should stick to BT or Virgin. The rest are mainly pooh!

Myself, I'm with BT. Absolutely no problems at all.

Don't be tempted by juicy offers. When your BB is down, no amount of promises regarding DL speeds and unlimited bandwidth usage will be of much consolation.

  terryf 15:33 17 Feb 2007

I have used Eclipse for the last 18 months since an unfortunate period with NOT talktalk, not least expensive but you seem to get what you pay for and they have just upgraded their email hardware which has overcome some problems they have had. They seem open about telling about these problems on their website. Customer support is reasonable. Mention TERRYF when you sign up and I hope to get a nice surprise (but that is not the reason I recommend, problem with talktalk was throttling.

  anskyber 15:33 17 Feb 2007

I wonder what your young guy thinks about these results?

click here

When I speak to Zen its based in Rochdale and my experience has been always receiving informed and courteous answers, but then that's just me.

  chub_tor 15:49 17 Feb 2007

I've used f2s freedom to surf click here for over 2 years now. They are part of the Pipex group. They went through a bad patch when BT introduced 8Mb Max but over the past 6 months they have been extremely reliable. I get 6Mb speed with a 5Gb cap on a small local exchange over rural overhead lines. £14.99 a month.

  Dipso 16:39 17 Feb 2007

"His general experience is that you should stick to BT or Virgin. The rest are mainly pooh!"

LOL! Virgin have a terrible reputation at the moment.

Any of the top 11 click here are worth considering. I'm with IDNet and considering migrating to Newnet. Both of these have CS based in the UK and IDNet use a freephone number!

Check this comparison
click here

  Input Overload 17:10 17 Feb 2007

You wont go wrong with Zen. click here

  shizzy 22:27 17 Feb 2007

Without a doubt Zen. No software to install either.
Webmail if you need it.

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