recommend a good download usage monitoring tool?

  theDarkness 14:53 28 Sep 2010

Can anyone recommend a good, free download usage monitor that doesnt force me to sign up or log in to any website (or its software) each time in order to use it? Whats the most popular free monitor?

Ive just found out that the online download usage monitor on my internet providers official website is not working, its very slow in updating (eg does not even update every single day). My download usage jumped from 25GB in downloads this month to just over 53GB in just over 3 days! so I need one that actually works :) thanks for any help

  onthelimit 15:12 28 Sep 2010

I've used this one click here in the past. I now have a very high limit, so don't need one!

  theDarkness 16:23 28 Sep 2010

ive checked out reviews of different net monitors, some completely slowed down systems for no reason or gave out inaccurate results! I didnt think I had a high limit either, I usually download just below 20 gig per month, although over the last few days I was sending alot of gfx work over the net as a one off-ouch! They better not bill me when their online meter only seems to update once every 3 days, when it states its supposed to do so every evening. lol

thanks, will try the above monitor out, not fussed if any meter is slightly inaccurate, as long as its not hundreds of megabytes in difference and doesnt use up alot of processor :)

  theDarkness 20:04 29 Sep 2010

I ended up trying quite a few out, and settled for ttb (think broadband's) meter. It has told me that I have used, since yesterday, almost 200MB in downloading. for alot of (website only) browsing, this seems about right.

Checking out my web providers own meter (i wont TALK too negatively about them, lol) I have just found out that since yesterday, their online meter has jumped from 50 to almost 70 Gig today :( so their online meter is obviously not working at all. If they try and charge for going over 80gig (on a 40 gig limit-lol) then they will not be receiving any money in return. Their system simply does not work.

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