Recommend a decent PCI wireless adapter

  FatboySlim71 23:00 19 Sep 2007

I am wanting a good quality and reliable PCI wireless adapter for my desktop pc, basically all I would be using this for would be to communicate with my Netgear DG834G wireless modem/router, the modem/router would be beside the BT master socket which would be in the room below where my desktop pc is. I am running XP Pro. Also would it be worth getting a new modem/router or would the Netgear DG834G be as good as any to use with the PCI wireless adapter.

Basically now I have an extension that runs off from this master socket and some 30 feet or so into my bedroom, then from there I have a 10 meter RJ45 cable that plugs into my filter and around the room and into the back of my modem/router.

My ISP advised me that it may be a better idea to go wireless, then this way I would be able to have the modem/router plugged into the BT master socket (which is supposed to be the best way with broadband) instead of having the modem/router going through some 60 feet of additional cabling.

  2neat 23:25 19 Sep 2007

A wired solution is always better, but sometimes getting the cable there is too much hastle.
PCI is better than USB adaptor. The DG834G is ok.
Sky ship this out with their subscription.
Netgear or Belkin 108 pci card will be fine.

  FatboySlim71 23:38 19 Sep 2007

Thanks 2neat, the helps much appreciated.

I have the runs of cables there now, but my ISP advised me that with these lengths of cabling, this could be limiting the speed I get. There opinion is and I agree with them, is that having the modem/router running wirelessly, I could have it within a metre of my BT master socket rather than running it through 50-60 feet of cabling, as its supposed to be best to have your modem connected into the master socket.

Thanks for the information "PCI is better than USB adaptor" I had heard this somewhere but I didn't know if this was still the case.

Thanks again.

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  2neat 16:54 20 Sep 2007

if you have the correct telephone cable and wired properly as an extension you wont notice hardly any speed difference.
It depends how far from the telephone exchange you are.

good luck

  FatboySlim71 17:06 20 Sep 2007

Im 480 metres as the crow flies from the exchange.

  FatboySlim71 00:08 21 Sep 2007

I gave up on the wireless idea. It just seemed to much hassle and messing about. I think I'll stick to the good old fashioned wire, I can't seem to go wrong with that. Thanks to all that replied.

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