Recommend a 15" TFT?

  GrahamP 19:27 17 Mar 2004

I've been through many of the old threads and while many of you have impressive 17" models there was very little on 15" ones.

I'm about to splurge on one. Too many late nights reading pcadvisor threads is turning my eyes into replicas of the London tube map and I think a TFT will be kinder to them.

Has anyone any recommendations or tales of woe?

  matt1234 21:09 17 Mar 2004

you could try samsung sony toshiba etc

  arricarry 21:38 17 Mar 2004

Hello - I know that this is a question of personal taste, but I would go for a 17" screen.
My son has a Sharp 17" dvi screen and it is really good, games run without a blur and display is very clear.

  christmascracker 21:50 17 Mar 2004

Recently bought an iiyama E380S 15in.

Well chuffed with it!

  Djohn 21:57 17 Mar 2004

Hi GrahamP I too have a 17" TFT and it's terrific but I would be just as happy with a 15" one. The native resolution of a 17" screen is 1280x1024 and although this does give a sharp display it also makes all the graphics/text smaller.

15" TFT will be at 1024x768 so you won't fit quite as much on your screen at any one time. What you do fit on will be larger and just as sharp to the human eye. So really it's something you need to go and have a look at for yourself and choose the size you feel most comfortable with. Neither will disappoint and you will find them far easier on the old eyes. j.

  GrahamP 22:01 17 Mar 2004


It's not so much a question of personal taste as one of personal finances.


  Djohn 22:02 17 Mar 2004

With TFT screens the recommendation is to select "Clear type" from your display properties. This makes the text even sharper but you can also go to the M/S site and fine tune it from a selection of 6 settings. click here and tick the box then go to step two and you will have 6 options to choose from. Pick the one that is most clear to you. j.

  GrahamP 22:08 17 Mar 2004

Interesting things happening to the pcadvisor site right now. I'd meant to add


that's good to hear, Iiyama are one of the few to get a thumbs up from Tom's Hardware click here for their dead pixel policy

but my response was posted when I hit enter. hmm?
Also I can only get into the helproom via my postings at the moment. I imagine they've started the move early.


yes I've had a look at both sizes and would prefer the 17". Maybe I'll squeeze my piggy bank a bit more.

  Djohn 22:24 17 Mar 2004

I have an AOC model, middle of the price range for TFT's. Think you can pick a 17" up for about £240.00.

FE. bought a 19" AOC TFT last week and gives it top marks, says he very impressed. click here and scroll down to the FE's post on Sat. at 17:47

  GrahamP 14:51 20 Apr 2004

After much agonising and rejigging of finances, I just took delivery of an LG L1710S 17" click here and I'm over the moon with it.

  Djohn 15:03 20 Apr 2004

Excellent choice GrahamP, lovely monitor. ;o)

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