Recomendation for AGP x8 Nvidia Card 128 or 256

  Giggle n' Bits 11:30 03 Nov 2005

Anyone recently purchased a good quality AGP x8 Nvidia Graphics Card and would like to recomend it.

I will be getting a high quality TFT 19" DVI screen Videosonic VX9xx model and would like a good match mainly for text work and ocasional games/DVD

I won't hold anyone to anything. Max price I would go to £165

  gudgulf 12:05 03 Nov 2005

this is probably the best all rounder...6600GT click here

There are AGP cards available by other manufacturers,that one is just an example......just browse the Microdirect site from the link.

Don't be tempted to spend on a lesser graphics card.......with a 19" TFT you need to be able to run at 1280x1024 resolution for the best results. A 6600GT will do that in most here for a good review of current AGP cards.

  Giggle n' Bits 12:32 03 Nov 2005

Always trusted your advice and again nail on the head, I am inbetween a 6600GT v 6800GT will post when consideration, don't want to rush as my Ti4200 was a bit of a mistake 3 years ago a bit.

  Ironman556 12:48 03 Nov 2005

go for the version of the card with the most memory, it will give the card a bit of extra life span before you have to upgrade again.

I found on my old PC (PIII 500 + ATI 16MB Rage Fury)I could still play games that required 800MHz/1GHz processors and only 8MB graphics RAM. (and never overclocked it)

  gudgulf 12:59 03 Nov 2005

If it helps, then a 6800GT is head and shoulders above the 6600GT in terms of game performance.With a 6800GT you could play with all the bells and whistle switched on.High detail settings,anisotrophic filtration and a modest amount of antialiasing when using the native resolution of your new monitor.

The 6600GT will be running with no antialiasing and at least some of the detail settings turned down to medium to get playable frame is also a lot cheaper than the 6800GT.

If you plan only the occasional game then go for the 6600GT.........If on the other hand you are looking to make a last graphics card update before switching to pci express (ie a new pc) then it is probably worth the extra for a 6800GT.

Incidentally I thought that in it's day the Ti4200 was the equivalent to the 6600GT.....the best bang for buck card available.So I'm a bit suprised you say it was a mistake buying one.

  Giggle n' Bits 19:46 04 Nov 2005

I prefer this as it has no fan is there any restriction on the display for use with a Videosonic VX924 please

  Giggle n' Bits 19:48 04 Nov 2005

at DABS click here

Quick Linx 3K56WS

  flyingbrit 20:16 04 Nov 2005

cracking chipset...not sure about no fan though..they do get warm...and don't forget you might need to upgrade your PSU,they do need a lot of power.Make sure to get the 128meg GT it's a lot faster than the 256meg

  flyingbrit 20:21 04 Nov 2005

oh by the way I've had one 8 ish months it plays Half Life 2 , Doom 3 and Rome Total War on top whack with AAx4 not probs

  GaT7 00:50 05 Nov 2005

Also consider a 6800. This one especially click here, because of price-performance - see the user reviews.

Couple more from Ebuyer click here (not available at the moment) & click here.

Article & benchmarks click here. G

  Giggle n' Bits 14:03 05 Nov 2005

What's your opinion on the DABS Quick Linx 3K56WS
The idea of Fan Free sounds favourable to keep noise abay.

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