Recomend a graphics card?

  dagwoood 04:34 19 Jul 2004

I'm considering replacing my current graphics card(Crucial Radeon 9200SE 64MB)and was thinking of changing to a Radeon 9550 128MB.

Has anyone any suggestions for a graphics card in this price range(£40-£50). The only stipulation I have is that the card's DirectX v9 compatible.

I'm an occasional gamer, but would like a card that would be able to cope with games so they play smoothly.

Cheers, dagwoood.

  matt1234 08:01 19 Jul 2004

a nvidia 5800 256mb we use it in are clan and it out runs all of are ati speced machine at the same price

  dagwoood 14:03 19 Jul 2004

Thanks matt1234, but I can't find anywhere that sells one of those(probably because it's an older card).

Cheers, dagwoood.

  rickimalone 14:36 19 Jul 2004

Look here for all the best deals about, proberly worth saving a bit more, for £40-£50 your looking at either the ATI 9200:click here and FX 5200:click here which are both better than the 9200se that you have but niether will run the current crop of games smooth without detail and quality levels at low settings.

Would definatly recommend hitting the bank balance for another £20-£30 and look at the FX 5600:click here or Radeon 9600Pro:click here

Ati Radeon 9800se £82.99inc vat:click here

which will be a Big improvement over what you have, but unfortunatley even these wont run the latest stuff with all settings on high with no slow down, but I think medium settings will show a great level of visuals and playability.

These cards although more expensive kiss ass, for a great price:

FX 5800 Ultra £90inc vat:click here

Ati 9800Pro £134.39 inc vat :click here

  dagwoood 15:13 19 Jul 2004

Thank you for all the advice/links.

As to having a standard 9200, it's not DirectX 9 enabled, so it's not what I realy want.

All the other cards I'd like to have but I'm realy trying to keep to a budget(my other half's not very happy I've even suggested I want "something else" for my "damned" pc ;-) ).

Why I'm considering the 9550 is that its DirectX 9 enabled(being an under clocked 9600 at heart)and I can get one delivered for just over £50. (Because this is such a good price for this card, I've even double checked with the supplier to make sure it's not the 9550SE, and it isn't).

Thanks again rickimalone, dagwoood.

  rickimalone 15:18 19 Jul 2004

I'd go with the ATI 9550 at the price the, regarding problems with the other half, story of my life and thats why I have a secret credit card :)

  rickimalone 15:20 19 Jul 2004

And here's a great review on the 9550 its does'nt sound to bad at all:click here

  dagwoood 15:37 19 Jul 2004

Thanks for the further input(hadn't thought about a secret credit card ;-) ).

Cheers, dagwoood.

  dagwoood 21:21 19 Jul 2004


  matt1234 08:34 27 Jul 2004

can i just say pcworld has just started selling it!

  dagwoood 13:31 27 Jul 2004

Thanks for the continued input matt, but as per click here I decided to have one of these click here

Cheers, dagwoood.

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