Recognising new second HDD...

  nick_j007 11:13 12 Feb 2004

Hello all,

I have a Dell Inspiron 8100 running XP Home.
I took delivery this morning of a new second HD that simply slots into the front of the laptop.
It's 40 gigs.
Problem is, I can't see it under My Computer.
I'm wishing to carry files over from my C drive to this new one.
I can see the new device under the hardware manager and in the BIOS too so that's ok.
I expect it is fundamental but I can't think what to do next?!

Many thanks in advance,


  temp003 12:10 12 Feb 2004

Click Start, Run, type diskmgmt.msc and press Enter.

In the bottom half, you should see Disk0 which should be your old hard disk.

Below that you should see Disk1 which is your new disk. Right click Disk1 and see if you need to initialise the disk. [If you see that option, you need to, just select it].

Otherwise, if you see an opotion to Create new partition. Select that. Then follow the prompts to create new partition, then format it. Wait for formatting to finish, until you see "healthy". Then exit Disk Management, go to My Computer, and you should be able to see and use the new partition.

  nick_j007 12:18 12 Feb 2004

Cheers, looking good so far :-)

How long to format as I've been waiting nearly 5 minutes now for it to format?

Cheers, Nick

  Djohn 12:31 12 Feb 2004

Full might take 30-40 minutes but best with a new drive as it will check for errors. After that though you can always use the "Quick" format, this takes only seconds. j.

  nick_j007 12:34 12 Feb 2004

Thank you Djohn.

I'll be patient then!
Like a boy with a new toy with 40 new gig's!
A bit sad eh?


  nick_j007 16:50 12 Feb 2004

A quick update and a couple of questions to put my mind at rest:
New HD up and running sweet thank you guys.
I have already moved over My Pictures, and My music liberating a third of my 30 gigs worth of original HD.
I called the new drive 'X' so as not to confuse it with various card reading letters for example, plus I thought it sounded rather good. He he.
Is the speed of moving files over equivalent to USB2 might you think?
I also just wanted to explain how it looks in Disk Management now so peace of mind:

Bottom line shows the new volume ('X') as a partition, basic, NTFS, No fault tolerance, 0% overhead.

Second (middle) line is for my original HD ('C') and reads the same as above.

Then, on the top there is a blank descriptiopn line. All details are the same as the other two except it is FAT. 31MB capacity, with 96% free.
Is this the cache? for drice C?

If all this reads normal then I shall relax. It seems to be running fine anyway :-)


  Djohn 17:12 12 Feb 2004

Yes it sounds fine. Just checked mine and the details are similar to yours. Except no mention of FAT. Not quite sure what that will refer to.

Both my drives are partitioned in 2 sections using NTFS. They show in disk management the same as yours along with CDRW and DVD drives. There is also a window along the very top with the following titles.

Volume-Layout-Type-File system-Capacity-Free space-%free-Fault Tolerance-Overheads.

All the above are on the one line. I would think yours will show the same or very similar. j.

  temp003 22:58 12 Feb 2004

I had the same FAT partition on my (older) Dell Inspiron 8000 (although mine is 16MB). Only shown in Disk Management but not in My Computer. Just ignore it.

  nick_j007 07:55 13 Feb 2004

Excellent in that case I can sleep in peace :-)

Thank you all very much for your help.


  temp003 09:33 13 Feb 2004

Just a little more useless information for you - the EISA partition is supposed to contain diagnostic utilities software which can be accessed from a special floppy.

While it's there, it will be partition(1), even though it's hidden, and your XP partition is partition(2). Just in case one day you need to sort out your boot.ini file, the partition number may be relevant.

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