Reckon this monitor is worth buying?

  GileyD 18:13 18 Feb 2006

My wife and I want to replace our old Iiyama 17" CRT with a 19" flatscreen and have seen an Acer on Amazon for £171 (discontinued model), description thus: "Acer AL1916ws 19" Widescreen TFT, 1440 x 900, 16.7M, 150°, 300 cd/m2, 500:1, 8ms, Analogue inputs, Silver/Black, Internal power supply, 3 yr warranty".

Two questions, does the widesceen make a difference / cause any problems, and is having analogue inputs rather that digital likely to be a pain?

Customer reviews say it is a good all round monitor but poor for gaming, not a problem for us as we don't play games. Use will be surfing the web, home-working for my wife logging in to the firm's network, and video-editing by me.

Any comments appreciated.

  anskyber 18:23 18 Feb 2006

Check that your video card supports widescreen.Digital is meant to give better picture quality particularly for games, some say they cannot see a difference. Buying new now would be better future wise to have DVI (Digital input)

  Jimmy14 18:23 18 Feb 2006

i have heard that this is a excellent quality screen and produces great vibrant colours but if you are not sure, visit some retailer stores that have them on display and decide for yourself when its in front of you. I was in Comet recently and seen this particular screen with a high spec machine so you might find it in there.

  Freddog™ 18:34 18 Feb 2006

Flatscreens are two inces bigger that CRT's, so I've heard.
So that means that the Acer one will be four inches bigger than your current one.

  Peter 19:03 18 Feb 2006


A 19" ordinary (not widescreen) TFT would be equivalent in size to approximately a 21" CRT, but for a widescreen model things are not quite the same. Although the diagonal measurement is 19" the height will probably be equivalent to a 17" TFT, but the diagonal should still be about an inch bigger than your 17" CRT. Best to have a good look at this model in a shop and take a tape measure with you. Measure the diagonal, height and width of your CRT for comparison.


  GileyD 19:49 18 Feb 2006

That's useful - thanks guys. I'll have a look to check my graphics card supports widescreen

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