rechargable batteries for dect phones

  Newuser2 18:49 30 Nov 2010

Can anyone recommend the best AAA batteries for DECT phones.
I've tried a few but they don't seem to hold their charge for long.

  john bunyan 18:52 30 Nov 2010

I use Duracell 1000(not sure of letters). I get them in B&Q

  Confab 18:55 30 Nov 2010

Whats the make/model of your phone. Some use Li-ion and some don't

  Newuser2 19:09 30 Nov 2010

Thanks guys they are BT Frestyle 650

  hastelloy 19:31 30 Nov 2010

I use Sanyo Eneloop click here. There are similar alternatives but I haven't used any of them.

  hastelloy 19:32 30 Nov 2010

Sorry - this link is better click here

  Muergo 20:37 30 Nov 2010

Energizer 1000MaH I have found last longer than any others I have tried and came out top on lab tests.

I laughed at the Sanloop technical blurb, said "85% charge after 1 year", well, I can't wait that long, 8hrs is sufficient!!

  Confab 21:59 30 Nov 2010

Your phone uses Ni Mh batteries the ones you have are probably 650 mAh
Most of the website blurb says In order to prolong the life of your BT FREESTYLE 650 replacement Cordless Phone Battery please read the following: Your BT FREESTYLE 650 replacement Cordless Phone Battery is charged during production in order to test it. Your BT FREESTYLE 650 replacement Cordless Phone Battery will discharge between the end of the production and the moment you receive it. That is why your BT FREESTYLE 650 replacement Cordless Phone Battery will have to be charged before you use it. You must use your cordless phone to charge your new BT FREESTYLE 650 replacement Cordless Phone Battery for 12 hours before using your phone, this will prolong the life of your battery
You could try using a higher capacity battery like others have suggested or perhaps something like this click here

  Confab 22:05 30 Nov 2010

I think the batteries in my link may be Lithium-ion so as I said have a look at the suggestions above.

  woodchip 22:13 30 Nov 2010

as above Ni Mh batteries are what should be fitted as they are rechargeable from the cradle it should fit in

  KremmenUK 06:57 01 Dec 2010

With Ni-Mh batteries you can leave the phone in the charger 24x7 without issue, especially useful if your phone is fairly heavily used.

If your considering changing phones then look at the latest Panasonics, they also have 650Ah Ni-Mh batteries and I get a full week out of mine between charges, and she does use them a few hours a week.

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