receiving every email twice

  palinka 15:12 29 Mar 2011

Has anyone had the same experience, or can anyone solve this annoyance: After months of problems with Pipex as my ISP I switched to btinternet and that is now OK after one or two initial glitches. BUT I am receiving every email twice!They arrive at the same time as each other.
No, the copies are not slightly differently addressed, they are identical.
All my incoming mail is addressed to my domain name (hosted by 123-reg) which is now automatically forwarded to my btinternet address. I do not use my official btinternet address, I have not given it to anyone, and the duplicate emails are not addressed to the btinternet address (except , of course, in their final “hop”)

BT say it is a 123-reg problem; I’ve written to 123-reg and they have not come up with a solution (they haven’t replied , beyond a sort of catch-all response).
Has anyone got a solution, please? It’s really driving me mad.

  AroundAgain 15:49 29 Mar 2011

Yes, this does sometimes happen.

Suggest you Google 'duplicate emails' - you will get a list of results

Hope this helps

  palinka 18:27 29 Mar 2011

thanks, AroundAgain.
You say "it does sometimes happen" , but it has never happened to me before, not even a single isolated case, and the only thing that is different is my ISP. I've been using all the rest in exactly the same way for 6+ years.
One of the suggestions when I googled was to turn off "leave a copy on the server", I've had a copy left on the server for the past 6+years, too; but as it happens that's no longer essential so I've disabled that and wait to see if it has any effect.

  palinka 09:31 30 Mar 2011

AroundAgain, it looks as though you've solved it!
Only one copy so far of each of 2 emails that I've received since disabling "leave copy on the server".
My fingers are still crossed, & I'll wait a few hours before ticking Resolved, but I'm hopeful that it has done the trick.
Thank you very much

  Muergo 10:53 30 Mar 2011

Are you using this program to download your e-mails.
I have had the duplicate problem with WLM but not when using Thunderbird.

  palinka 11:17 30 Mar 2011

No, Muergo, I use Windows Mail - but in any case I've been using it for at least 4 years and this problem only began a few weks ago, when I changed my ISP from Pipex to btinternet

  palinka 15:26 30 Mar 2011

Alas, it is NOT cured, so the 2 that I received as single copies were just an aberration! Since then I've received at least 6 that were duplicated(ie 12 emails)

  wiz-king 16:41 30 Mar 2011

I have had the same problem as you but with all mails getting bounced because one of my e-mail addresses being deleted. I found my primary email address has some how decided to send a copy to the deleted address. Check your BT email address via web-mail and make sure it has not decided to copy all your mails to yourself - mine started after I started using Firefox as my e-mail client.
Took me weeks to find the source of the trouble.

  palinka 19:09 01 Apr 2011

wiz-king, No these are not emails that I sent; they are all emails that have been sent to me: eg a regular email from a web site; the minutes of a meeting; an email from a friend; my latest Air Miles information; a "weekly digest" from Freecycle; etc; etc. In other words ANY email that anyone sends to me about anything arrives twice. This adds up to a lot of emails!

  Woolwell 21:50 01 Apr 2011

Just a guess - 123-Reg should bounce/forward your e-mails to Bt without storing them on their server but it could be that a copy is being stored as well and is then also being retrieved.

Just a guess.

  palinka 09:58 02 Apr 2011

thanks, woolwell - I'll pursue that possibility. but I have my doubts because both copies arrive at the same time.

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