Receiving Emails

  Robotic_Rob 01:05 02 Jan 2008


At my mothers work she believes that she is currently receiving emails by the email being downloaded to the server and then to her computer.

I ain't to sure if this is correct or not but she has asked me to ask you lot to see if there is a way that she can be directly sent the email without it going through the server?


  Meshuga 04:41 02 Jan 2008

No, she can`t,. She has to have an ISP and the server is part of the ISP service. What`s her objection to the server anyway?

  harps1h 08:46 02 Jan 2008

i think meshuga has misread the question. the answer is partly correct in that all mail is directed through a central server, but at your mothers work if she is part of a network domain and not directly connected to the internet as a standalone workstation then there is no choice for the mail but to be downloaded to a server where it will be picked up by your mother when she opens her mail account. if she is concerned about privacy, the safest solution is not to access her mail during a working day but do it at home. it also depends on her employers attitude to this type of network activity, some may not allow this type of activity and block this type of traffic in the interests of network integrity

  Meshuga 11:27 02 Jan 2008

I have not misread the question. The lady wants to know how she can get her mail downloaded direct to her pc without it going through a server. My answer was that she can`t because somewhere along the line its got to go through a server, whether its at work or at home. If, as you suspect, it`s for privacy then she should not be accessing her personal mail at work, as you have quite rightly pointed out.
After all, a server is only a form of telephone exchange to direct the mail to its destination.

  DieSse 12:22 02 Jan 2008

Quite honestly, if that's the way her work wants to do it, then she shouldn't even be trying to bypass their system - that way lies anarchy and the possibility (probability?) of bypassing security that her business has in place.

  p;3 12:52 02 Jan 2008

would be useful to know the type of establishment where she works and if she logs in to computers on a network ; and to point out, if she is a work; she does not 'own' that computer but her employer does

what type of emails is she trying to access? are they work ones or 'private 'ones?

  Robotic_Rob 19:16 02 Jan 2008

At her work there is only about 5 employee's. I don't think she trusts her co-workers. She has talked to me in the past about co-workers claiming the credit for good ideas and work that she has done. So i think she might be after the privacy to try and help stop this. I believe that she logs onto a network which then conncts to the outside world.
I'm i correct in thinking that the emails can be scanned and stored on the server? So if the employer wants to check all emails for a certain content or to fully read all the emails they can do.

  Meshuga 19:32 02 Jan 2008

Sounds like paranoia to me. If I had to work under those conditions I`d very soon get myself another job. Why can`t she approach her employer and explain it to Him/Her, I assume that the good ideas and work is done for the firm and therefore the boss would know about it anyway. Scepticism is my middle name.

  DieSse 19:33 02 Jan 2008

"if the employer wants to check all emails for a certain content or to fully read all the emails they can do."

Yes, of course they cam - after all they are, or should be concerned with the employers business.

"She has talked to me in the past about co-workers claiming the credit for good ideas and work that she has done."

A "public" store of emails on a server should help protect her in this respect, as it should maintain a trail of evidence to support correspondence/work done.

  mfletch 19:41 02 Jan 2008

Hi, In my opinion employees should check all out going emails for security reasons and the possibility to send other peoples private information,

Can you imagine what information some one could send by a email if that email was never checked

Bank details/ credit card details etc

I am not suggesting that your mother would do such a thing but the possibility is there,

PS/ tel her to put her email messages into a folder and send the folder by email password protected,

See if her employee ask;s her what it is or removes it,


  mfletch 19:49 02 Jan 2008

Sorry you are on about receiving emails,

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