Receiving blank E-mails

  birdface 11:15 02 Nov 2007

Hi.I use E-prompter for opening my E-Mails and in the last couple of months I have been receiving blank e-mail's,As those are from unknown sources I would not normally open them.But since I use E-prompter I have opened a few and they are all blank and from folk that I have not heard off.This is not a big problem but was just wondering if anyone else were getting the same.It seams to be getting a bit more regular now and I am getting one or two a day.Is it my ISP that is trying to remove spam or what.

  john bunyan 11:31 02 Nov 2007

I get some too. I suspect there are invisible images there, or maybe they want a reply for identity theft. I tried to create message rules to block messages with words like "Viagra" but spammers send pictures that look like texts and I have not been able to stop them, I just add them to the very long blocked senders list via my Bullguard anti spam filter, but other keep sending stuff..

  birdface 11:40 02 Nov 2007

Thanks John.I just get e-prompter to receive my messages.Any I want to keep gets transferred to my proper e-mail provider.And just delete the rest.It was just the blank ones that were a bit suspicious.Usually if I don't recognize the name I just delete it.Just being a bit nosey I suppose.

  john bunyan 11:46 02 Nov 2007

buteman. I did try to identify the source by printing out from "file" "prorerties" "details" but my expertise ran out in trying to trace the origin. I wish ISPs did this to trace spammers.I agree with you.

  birdface 12:23 02 Nov 2007

Ok John .Thanks for the help.I have to go out now.So will not be back till this evening.Bye, and thanks.

  audeal 16:31 02 Nov 2007

buteman: Just being a bit nosey I suppose.

Remember the Cat that got a bit curious? It got killed. If YOU get to curious it might kill your system.

  birdface 17:26 02 Nov 2007

Thanks for the reminder I suppose it will be either that or the wife.Safe enough though I don't open them with my e-mail provider.Like I said just wondering how they arrive blank.

  exodus 19:48 02 Nov 2007

Hi, these are normally related to spam email directory harvesting. The body is blank so as to reduce bandwidth and therefore the ability to send more.

Just delete the messages. Do not reply or bounce back to sender as you merely confirm an active email address for the spammers.


  birdface 20:05 02 Nov 2007

Ok exodus.Thanks for the info.I will just keep deleting them.Will now class this as resolved.Thanks everyone.

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