Received someone else`s e-mail.

  alan K 16:54 04 Apr 2003

today I received an e-mail for someone else; different name,country and ISP.

  he he :-)™ 17:09 04 Apr 2003

maybe they put in your email address.

  DieSse 17:44 04 Apr 2003

You are probably on the Blind Copy list - lots of spammers and legitimate users use blind copy distribution - it stops recipients seeing all the other email addresses.

  €dstow 18:14 04 Apr 2003

Don't respond to it - it could well be a scam to obtain "live" addresses.


  Andsome 19:06 04 Apr 2003

The only time that this has happened to me, (probably half a dozen times in as many years), has been from users of freeserve. I have also sent the very occasional e-mail which has arrived with a freeserve user in error.

  anchor 09:39 05 Apr 2003

Further to Andsome`s post, I quite often receive messages not intended for me via freeserve.

It seems that if your address is [email protected], any message sent to [email protected], will come to you.

My surname is not a common one, but it is surpising how many people have it. Their contacts assume that just adding a different first name, it will go to their intended recipient.

  anchor 09:43 05 Apr 2003

Sorry, got it around the wrong way round. What I meant to say was that if your address was
[email protected]

then any mail addressed to
[email protected]
will come to you.

  Andsome 10:48 06 Apr 2003

The silly thing about this, is that I am not with freeserve, I use NTL broadband. Freeserve obviously have problems. Quite a few of my e-mails to my brother in law, bannister22 have ended up with a woman with a completely different name. It ended up with her deciding to change her e-mail address.

  alan K 14:07 06 Apr 2003

Andsome and all other responders.
Thanks for everyone that as replied; interestingly I`m on NTL broadband, like Andsome.
My question originally was trying to establish how I could rec e-mails that were not addressed to me?

  crx16 14:38 06 Apr 2003

with freeserve your account is evertything that comes after the @ , so in the example is the account.nobody else will have that.

it doesnt matter what comes before the @ ,this way everyone in your family/houshold can have an email address on your account eg, [email protected], [email protected]

when setting up OE you enter your account details,check and you'll see its everything after the @.

  crx16 14:46 06 Apr 2003

more likely with freeserve is that as well as there may be a or

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