Receive before send

  Toffly 17:19 21 Sep 2007

Hi Guys,

Got a customer at work who's Outlook express on windows 2000 suddenly stopped working.

I've a feeling it's to do with the client trying to send before it receives, but I cannot for the life of me find the option to alter this.

Can anyone enlighten me as to how I can alter this?

Thanks in advance,


  Graham. 17:53 21 Sep 2007

click here

I don't think you can tell OE which to do first. When you go online, any unsent messages will be sent. If at any time you click Send/Receive it will also check for incoming mail.

If it has 'stopped working' I don't think this sequence will be a factor.

  Graham. 17:55 21 Sep 2007

PS is it set to check for new messages every x minutes? Don't forget you can test by emailing youself.

  Monoux 17:58 21 Sep 2007

using the little drop down arrow on the send & receive box you can just send & then just receive

  Sea Urchin 18:01 21 Sep 2007

When you click the Send/Receive button it will do just that - send first and then receive. However, you can open the drop down menu on the Send/Receive button and choose whether to Send or Receive independently. If you select the option to Send Messages Immediately then they will be sent as soon as you go online, and likewise for receiving if you select the option to check for new messages every so often.

I would agree with Graham - the sequence would in no way affect the working of Outlook Express.

  Sea Urchin 18:05 21 Sep 2007

Sorry Graham and Monoux - seem to have crossed in the post!!!

  Toffly 10:48 24 Sep 2007

Thanks guys,

Well the error message we're getting is 0x800CCC79, any ideas what could cause this? The account works fine on my PC here, but I'm on XP, he's on 2000.



  EARLR 10:58 24 Sep 2007

I had a similar problem using OE from Spain to my ISP in Ireland. They told me that there server would reject incoming receives without a prior send. (if that makes any sense)
Installed Office 03 problem solved.
Good Luck

  Sea Urchin 16:08 24 Sep 2007

Maybe this will help with the error message
click here

  Toffly 19:22 24 Sep 2007

Hey guys,

Thanks Sea Urchin, already checked that page, and I know he has the outgoing authentication enabled.

Earlr, exactly the problem I had on my PC at home, and that's what I'm thinking this is, except I can't find a setting to change the order within OE, maybe it's just not possible?

Any other ideas?



  mfletch 19:30 24 Sep 2007

Hi Maybe there is a message stuck in the outbox?

You can create a new Outbox folder using the following steps:
1. Exit Outlook Express.
2. Search your hard drive for Outbox.dbx and delete this file.
3. Restart Outlook Express. A new empty outbox folder is created automatically.


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