Reccomendation Please........

  Little_Gav 18:09 29 Oct 2006

I wwant to be able to play some of the higher spec games out there but can i get a graphics card or more memory for my current pc or shud i buy a new tower altoghter? i went to crucial which scanned my pc setup here are the results what would you reccomend i do??

Maximum Memory Capacity: 3072 MB
Currently Installed Memory: 256 MB
Available Memory Slots:0
Number of Banks: 1
Dual Channel Support: N.A.
CPU Manufacturer: GenuineIntel
CPU Family: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 1.60GHz Model 1, Stepping 2
CPU Speed: 1600 MHz

Our scan data says you have:
System Manufacturer:MEDIONPC
System Model:AWRDACPI
Motherboard Manufacturer:MICRO-STAR INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD
Motherboard Model:MS-6399

Unfortunately crucial couldnt advise me as they dont seem to have my model in their database. I am fairly a novice so go easy on me. all help would be apprieciated. Thanks.

  Technotiger 18:18 29 Oct 2006

Hi, I think you would be better off with a new tower with higher specs. Minimum for many games would be something like 1Gb RAM, 1.8MHz CPU, Radeon or NVidia graphics card medium to high spec with at least 256Mb on card, Min 500w Power Suply Unit (known as PSU).
You will no doubt get more suggestions in addition to mine.


  .:?:. 18:45 29 Oct 2006

I agree with Technotiger, a new tower would be much better!

how much do you have to spend?

  Little_Gav 19:56 29 Oct 2006

well as i was hoping having not to invest in a tower dont have that much money soclose to christmas so looks like i may have to save some cash and get a new tower after christmas. I only have around £250 or so and im guessing i`ll need to save a fair bit nore if im going to invest in something that will stand the test of time?

How much would you reccomend i spend and what would be the main specs.that i`d be looking for, for that sort of cash?
Thanks again.

  Technotiger 20:31 29 Oct 2006

You will only need a Tower, you already have monitor etc, so I would say £350-£400 should secure you a reasonable one. Have a look on-line at click here an excellent firm, good service and fair prices.


  gudgulf 20:34 29 Oct 2006

It might help if you mention what games you have in mind when you say "play some of the higher spec games out there".

If we know that we will be able to identify the spec you need to play them at reasonable settings.

Your pc as it is now is severely limited in upgrade potential.

Running something like Everest home click here would identify what type of memory you have and what graphics adapter you are using etc....all information it would be useful to post here.

  ripvan 21:02 29 Oct 2006

Hi LIttle_Gav I have also been looking around recently for a tower.Do you have a Staples store near you?They have a couple of good spec towers, dual core processors etc.They are around £450 but anything in store over £200 you can have on twelve months interest free credit.You take out an agreement as normal-the listed apr is highish but as long as you pay it off within the 12 months there are no charges.Hope this is of some use.

  Totally-braindead 21:14 29 Oct 2006

If you buy something like this click here and a graphics card such as this click here total £245 plus P&P and can use your existing hard drive and optical drives you should have a spec that will play almost anything. Thats the best you can do for £250 and when you get some more money together add another 512mb ram and perhaps a SATA drive to replace your existing hard drive.
I've got a system based on a 3500 Athlon64 and it really flies. So far its played everything at 1024x768 and I've got a 7600GS graphics card as well.

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