Reccomend an office Mono Laser Printer please

  weedic 17:09 19 Jan 2006


Firstly thanks for reading :)

I am looking to purhcase a Mono Laser Printer for the office. It'll be used by 4-5 users, currently I use a Kyocera 1020D which has served me well and incredibly cheap to run but yesterday decided to stop taking paper from tray1 and it's less than a year old.

Which has left me in a quandry as I was going to purchase another one but obviously this would be daft if the first one is knackered already. So I'm hoping someone could reccomend a few printers to look at from your experiance.

Price >£300
Interface - Parrallel (Don't need network and can't stand USB)
And ideally 2 seperate input trays.

Or if anyone can tell me of a good review site that'd be ace too as all the sites I've found seem to only review personal printers.

To anyone still awake after all that, thanks for reading.

  Diemmess 18:15 19 Jan 2006

Assume that you need something to use while a warranty repair is carried out and then use either printer as circumstances dictate.

I have a low-end Epson EPL5800. Not suitable for your needs it takes a mite of TLC to understand its foibles. For a SOHO it suits me fine.

Minolta and HP have like Kyocera been there from the begining, there has to be something suitable for you, and don't omit Epson from your choice either.

(A personal fancy would be one of the Minolta range mainly because I've only heard good things and they seem to have something to suit every pocket.)

As already said, the present printer should be within the manufacturer's warranty but having it back in service very quickly is less likely.

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