rebus puzzle solutions

  craigy1 15:30 15 Nov 2005

hi all.

I know that this has not got much relevence in the computer world but im soo stuck.!!!

my 5 year old boy has bough home a cryptic brain teaser and I would like some help if that was possible. They are sayings or meanings hidden in the word.
These are the ones I have not solved yet.



IIII/OOO (where the OOO is underneath the IIII)

women women women (written very small)

anyhelp would be appreciated.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:31 15 Nov 2005

women women women (written very small)
Little women classic novel (Austin {Not powers} sister)

  craigy1 16:37 15 Nov 2005

hi. thanks for that. i thought it was 3 little women. i did find the thingthing which was one thing after another.

also IIII/OOO which was circles under the eyes

the only one left is the ...program.

this is a hrad one, i keep thinking its tv program!!!!

but im sure program is for computers only.!!!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:39 15 Nov 2005

Space program?

  Confab 16:41 15 Nov 2005

3 point program !!

  craigy1 17:24 15 Nov 2005

hi again, thanks for that, but what is a 3 point program? and is it def the 3 point program.?

cos he might win this competition at his school if he gets this last one. £10 the prize!!!


  DieSse 17:50 15 Nov 2005

I'm more inclined to space program - especially if it's actually written ___ program

  DieSse 18:07 15 Nov 2005

If it was to do with TV it should be spelt programme.

  Confab 18:11 15 Nov 2005

How was it written? Was it ...Program or __(space) program?

A three point program is basically what it says. Summarising a task or goal in three bullet or key points.

Having said that I did initially think IIII/OOO was a four-eyed trio!! (and yes they do exist)


  craigy1 19:08 15 Nov 2005

hi confab

the puzzle is written like


no spaces and the . are like full stops if thats any help

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:12 15 Nov 2005

my 5 year old boy has bough home a cryptic brain teaser

So 3 point program and four eyed trio a little over the top I think.
These sort of things are often jokey (remember Catch phrase) so circles under the eyes is probably correct

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