Rebuild Win98 OS Failure

  nutcrusher 12:04 20 Feb 2003

After partitioning using Mandrake Linux cannot re-load Win98 OS. Have tried returning to single partition and re-formatting FAT32 but still failure. Note that I have "lost approx 3GB" from my HDD. Rebuild uses Ghost which fails to rebuild from the CD ROM - CD ROM working OK.
Thanks for any guidance/help.

  MalcSP 12:15 20 Feb 2003

trying to Ghost back the OS will not be successful. You need to reformat the HDD and re-install Windows from scratch. If you need any info on how to do this post a response.

  nutcrusher 12:21 20 Feb 2003

I have reformatted the HDD but still cannot re-install Windows.

  DieSse 12:47 20 Feb 2003

First make sure the Virus check in the BIOS is turned offf - this will prevent Windows installing.

What actually happens when you say "will not install"??

  MalcSP 16:46 20 Feb 2003

clearing the CMOS. Take out the battery, andreplace it aftera couple of minutes. If you know which jumper it is you can use this instead.

  Taran 19:29 20 Feb 2003

I'd suggest using FDISK to delete ALL partitions form your hard drive, then re-establish a partition and format it. You should then be able to restore from a Ghost image.

Depending on how you took your Ghost image, if the hard drive/partition size differs from the original it may fail to restore.

It sounds to me as though your Linux install snatched the missing disk space and that a simple format did not reinstate it as available for use to Windows. FDISK will allow you to reclaim it, or Partition Magic, if you have it, will also allow you to do the same and more besides.



  nutcrusher 11:20 22 Feb 2003

Taran - I have carried out FDISK - all into one drive and FAT32 Format. Now loaded both Win98 and Linux - man from Linux most helpful - choice of Win98 or Linux via HDD boot option. But still have lost 3GB from 40GB HDD. Scandisk OK. Failed to install programme from Floppy/winzip - could not read HDD. Will download Maxstor HDD checker and note result.
MalcSC - good idea - will try this.
Will come back with results.

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