Rebooting on XP loading Screen

  Blade Runner 13:26 12 Feb 2005

I have just built a new machine, it gets to Windows XP loading screen, then reboots.
Then windows loads fine. but sometimes it reboots 2 to 3 times before loading.
Any help would be appreciated.

AMD 64bit 939 3500+ CPU
MSI K8N Neo2 939 mobo
Corsair 1gb Twinx matched 3200c2pt
Tagan 480w U01 PSU
Maxtor SATA 80gb HD (boot drive)
Segate Barracuda SATA 200gb HD
ATI X800 XT 256 AGP
Philips DVDR1620K
Pinnacle Firewire Capture card
M-Audio Audiophile 2496 sound card
Windows XP Home SP2


  Blade Runner 22:27 12 Feb 2005

I have been told it could be a faulty MB or
corsair memory incompatable with MSI K8N Neo2 Plat. or problem with 80gb 8mb SATA Maxtor HD
Any Ideas.

  zarobian 23:09 12 Feb 2005

It is normally hardware fault which could be any thing from power supply to memory cards.
You can narrow the failure as under:-
Press the Windows key on your keyboard and at the same time hit the Break key. This will take you to system Properties.From the top tabs click on Advance. Under Startup and Recovery, click on Settings tab.Under System failure uncheck the box against Automatically restart.
This will avoid restarting erratically and may give you a clue regarding the actually failure when it happens.
Another thing you could is to start the system in safe mode and select the bootlog option which will log the problematic part.

  zarobian 23:15 12 Feb 2005

By the way have you installed SP2. If so then go to AMD site or the MotherBoard Manufacturers site if they have the fix for AMD 64 bit Processors.I know there was a problem and a fix was announced.
Perhaps some other genius on this forum will guide you in this respect.

  Blade Runner 21:41 13 Feb 2005

Many thanks Zarobian. I tried all of the above that you mentioned except the fixes for the AMD 64bit proccessor. As I got nowhere, I have returned my computer to the shop where I bought most of the parts. They replaced the Motherboard, Memory, re-installed Windows (twice), still no go. They are going to try, on Monday, to replace the Hard drive, that Windows is installed on.
Thanks once again for your reply.

  megat193 22:11 13 Feb 2005

There is a known issue with the SP2 Update which causes WinXP to go into a continuous reboot loop.

It may not be your problem but if you go to click here and scoll down to the area covering reboot problems you may find something that you recognise.

  megat193 22:36 13 Feb 2005

Further to my previous post, I did have a rebooting problem when I upgraded a friend's WinXP, and found that I had to do a Repair Installation. A Microsoft newsgroup guru gives this advice:
"Try a repair install as follows:

NOTE, while a repair install should leave your data files intact, if
something goes wrong during the repair install, you may be forced to start
over and do a clean install of XP. If you don't have your data backed up,
you would lose your data should that eventuality occur.

Assuming your system is set to boot from the CD-ROM drive and you have an
actual XP CD as opposed to a recovery CD, boot with the XP
CD in the drive and perform a repair install as outlined below. If the
system isn't set to boot from the CD or you are not sure, you need to enter
the system's BIOS. When you boot the system, the first screen usually has
instructions that if you wish to enter set press a specific key, when you
see that, do so. Then you will have to navigate to the boot sequence, if
the CD-ROM drive is not first line, set it first in the boot sequence. Save
your settings and exit with the XP CD in the drive. The system will reboot.

When the system boots, a few screens into the process you may see a message
instructing you
to hit any key in order to boot from the CD along with a countdown. When
you see this be sure to
hit a key on the keyboard, if you miss this instruction and the system fails
to boot from the CD, it's too
late, you'll need to reboot and try again.

Once you have pressed a key, setup should begin. You will see a reference
asking if you need to load special drivers and another notice that if you
wish to begin the ASR (Automatic Recovery Console) depress F2. Just let
setup run past all of that. It will continue to load files and drivers.

Then it will bring you to a screen. Eventually, you will come to a screen
with the option to (1) setup Windows or (2) Repair Windows Installation
using the Recovery console. ***The selection you want at this screen is
"Setup Windows,"
NOT "Repair Windows Installation.

The first option, to setup Windows is the one you want and requires you to
press enter. When asked, press F8 to accept the end user agreement. Setup
will then search for previous versions of Windows. Upon finding your
version, it will ask if you wish to Repair your current installation or
install fresh. Press R, that will run a repair installation. From there
on, follow the screens.

Note, in some cases, you won't receive the repair option, only an option to
reinstall. We have discovered that sometimes this is caused by damaged
boot.ini file that can be repaired as follows and also note, in the
instructions, "K" refers to the CD drive in which you have placed the XP CD,
replace that drive letter with the appropriate letter on your system, "K" is
simply an example.

Reboot, this time taking the immediate R option (this is the section I told
you to skip above. In this case, you will need to get to the Recovery
Console to perform the function below), and if the CD letter is say K: give
these commands

COPY K:\i386\ntldr C:
COPY K:\i386\ C:
(two other files needed - just in case)
ATTRIB -H -R -S C:\boot.ini
DEL C:\boot.ini
BootCfg /Rebuild

Once you've completed this function, reboot and see if you can access XP as
sometimes, the problem is the damaged boot.ini. If you still cannot access
XP, then reboot and re-run the repair install instructions at the beginning
of this message.

If you only have a recovery CD, your options are quite limited. You can
either purchase a retail version of XP which will allow you to perform the
among other tools and options it has or you can run your system recovery
routine with the Recovery CD which will likely wipe your drive, deleting all
files but will restore your setup to factory fresh condition."

Michael Solomon MS-MVP
Windows Shell/User
Backup is a PC User's Best Friend
DTS-L.Org: click here

or you could use this click here

Hope this helps.

  THE TERMINATOR 00:19 14 Feb 2005

Have you checked that your CPU and fans are working ok. An overheated CPU could be forcing your system to re-boot....TT

  Blade Runner 21:32 16 Feb 2005

The problem seemed to be the drivers for the ATI Radeon X800XT AGP were not compatable with MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum drivers. The shop has replacedthe MSI with an ASUS A8V Deluxe and replaced the 80gb HD with 120gbHD.
Windows XP Home now loads ok.

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