Reboot Problem

  woodpecker 02:35 26 Aug 2005

Hi For 3 weeks now I have had a problem with my pc, its rebooting every few hours, usually when its being asked to do stuff but even if left long enough with just the card game up as a test sooner or later it reboots.

There is no error in the event viewer after a reboot (sometimes I get the BSOD sometimes not but if I do its never the same message), Regseeker & CCleaner can find nothing, I have done a full format and clean install all to no avail so I started on the hardware

I have replaced the motherboard
I have replaced the PSU
I have tried an alternative AGP card and I have tried a different SATA HD and to my utter disgust having just rebuilt it with the new mobo its still doing it!!!

I am left with the memory (I moved the old stuff on to the new board), the CPU and/or CPU fan however MBM5 reckons the temp is ok. I suppose I could remove my SB Audigy2 Card to see if that helps and I have just tried running it for a night wihout the ethernet connection to my NTL modem connected but again that failed!

Any ideas, I am really tearing my hair out here, is there something else out there which can help me find the problem, is the info someplace which I have not looked? Any help would be appreciated!

My System is:
Pentium 4 (478) 2800
MSI 865PE Neo2 Platinum Mobo
ASUS V9560 GEForce FX5600 (256)
SB Audigy2 with Firewire connecting iPOD Cradle
Maxtor SATA 80MB
Maxtor SATA 300MB
I have just fitted a Seagate 80MB IDE HD to see if running that as my system drive would help. I intend to also leave off my AVG/Kerio Antivirus/Firewall for a while to see if that might be interferring.

Sorry its so long but I didn't want to go over ground I have already covered, thanks for any suggestions in advance

  johnnyrocker 08:05 26 Aug 2005

might be a bit silly but will run it up the list for you, have you checke the mains circuit for loose/intermittent connections?


  johnnyrocker 08:06 26 Aug 2005

might be a bit silly but will run it up the list for you, have you checke the mains circuit for loose/intermittent connections?


  Al94 08:13 26 Aug 2005

I am trying to sort out a similar problem on my wife's PC, might be a faulty memory module?

  harps1h 08:24 26 Aug 2005

anytime i had this problem it turned out to be a heat problem. it could be that there is insufficient airflow and this could explain why it turns off after period of time. check the bios to see if the cpu shutdown temperature is set too low etc.

  PC Bilbo 08:57 26 Aug 2005

Agree with johnnyrocker try simple things first.

Had call out to an office pc showing similar symptoms.Changing the computer power lead resolved it.

What is FSB frequency and what type of RAM?.This board will support 400, 533& 800MHz using DDR266 but there are limitations with DDR333 and DDR400.

Otherwise, and I'm taking it as read you checked for
Sasser worm, try disconnecting everything but basic set up needed to boot, set bios at default values and see if it will then behave. If so reconnect everything one at atimt to see if you can isoate the

  woodpecker 11:48 26 Aug 2005

Thanks for your ideas, its always valuable talking to people, I thought I had done the simple things but changing the power lead hadn't occurred to me ta, I'll give it a go. I had tested the machine thoroughly for viruses and spyware etc using AVG/Ad-Aware and Microsofts own anti-spyware. Its running 800MHZ and the memory is DDR400 SD3200. The one thing the diagnostic programs I have tried so far come up with is that my memory is not EEC so it might shut down without warning if there is a faulty address. Its odd the shop had put the memory in Channel A DIMM 1&2 but on reading the manual I found that it should be in ChannelA Dimm1 and Channel B Dimm3 unless I read it wrong. Either way I tried it in both setups with the same result. As for heat. If the sensors are right the CPU is running between 44 and 55 the system between 32 and 38 with the hard drives running 31 & 39 so unless the sensors are wrong all those should be ok. Although before I changed the board the Core Center that comes with MSI boards kept flashing up different problems, first it said my northbridge was too hot, then it said my system was too cold, then my core voltage was dropping to low. That's why I changed the mobo as I have had a similar problem on voltage in the past and found that only a new mobo sorted it. There is so little left to try I suppose, I will try a new lead (not sure how I can test if the mains are playing up themselves) then its either new memory or new cpu & fan after that its pretty much all new apart from the SATA hard disks and they are not that old and I have tried running checks on them with O&O and they come out ok. Thats for your continuing aid folks! Anyone know a reliable way of testing my memory for faults and does the EEC memory cost a lot more? BTW the 2 I have are both 512MB

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:30 26 Aug 2005

Memory Test
click here

  Al94 14:39 26 Aug 2005

I would check your memory - I took out the new module installed a few weeks ago and have been reloading software all morning with no crashes so far (fingers crossed).

  woodchip 17:37 26 Aug 2005

Low power not enough watts amps, Faulty PSU will do just what you are getting

  woodpecker 18:04 26 Aug 2005

Thanks for the memory test, I ran it for 2 hours with 7 passes and it showed up nothing so it doesn't encourage me to buy new memory. As for the PSU, I have already changed that and its not solved the problem and I can't see 2 PSU's having the exact same fault (obviously with one practically brand new) I cannot find any where in the bios which indicates at what temp the system will reboot

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