Reassurance needed please - 1st PC Build

  LeedsLass 21:42 14 Jun 2005

Ok, I have fitted the processor, the fan and the heatsink to the motherboard. I have fitted the MB in the case and I have slotted in the graphics card. I have connected all the correct wires (I think) and at this point I was advised to connect the keyboard and monitor and try turning on to see if things are working so far.

I have just done this and it bleeped once, fans whirred, etc. and the graphics card details came up on the monitor (excellent - I'm getting excited) BUT.... then I notice a message under the graphics card details that says:

"Fatal error, chasis intruded."

Please will someone tell me that I haven't damaged any of the components I've fitted and that it's just something that may be connected up incorrectly.

Please, please, please, please.......

(PS. I had not put the side cover back on the case - laziness - could this be it? Please let it just be my laziness)

As you can tell I'm desparate.....HELP

  Never again 21:49 14 Jun 2005

surely 1 beep means that all is all ok - is your graphics card compatible with your motherboard?

try the onboard graphics if you have one?

... or does the bios know what graphics to use?

good luck - not a message i'd like to see !!

  Joe R 21:50 14 Jun 2005

click here

Doesn't look like a serious error.

  Zaphod Beeblebrox 21:50 14 Jun 2005

Chasis intrusion means the cover has been removed you can reset this in the bios

  LeedsLass 21:57 14 Jun 2005

Wel that's kinda put my mind at rest but I am now sat with a beer and will start work on it again tomorrow when I'm rested and can concentrate fully again.

Thanx guys I'l have another go tomorrow

  keith-236785 21:58 14 Jun 2005

check the manual, there may be a jumper on the motherboard which needs to be removed to stop the chasis intrusion detection. it isnt anything serious so rest assured, just a setting in the bios or a jumper to be moved/removed.

it may also be that you have incorrectly connected a case wire to the chasis intrusion detection pins (you know the fiddly little buggers.....pwr, reset, speaker etc.)

as i said check the manual, or post back with the mobo details and we will see if we can help.

good luck and congratulations on getting your hands dirty m8.

  keith-236785 22:01 14 Jun 2005

forgot to say, most cases dont have the required switch for the chasis intrusion so it might be an idea to put the side on and try again, just to rule it out.

  LeedsLass 22:09 14 Jun 2005

Just for info, I have been told that everything is compatible. Bought all components from cclonline who checked my spec before I ppurchased and reassured me everything was ok. In case you wanna know my spec is as follows:

Asus P5GD1 Pro Intel 915 chipset PCI-Express M/B
3Ghz Intel Pentium 4 530 Processor 800FSB 1024kb L2 Cache
2 x 1gb PC3200 Dual Channel DDR RAM (GeIL)
300gb Maxtor Diamond HDD
200gb Maxtor DiamondMax HDD
128mb Sapphire Radeon X300SE
AOpen QF50C Midi Tower with 300w PSU
Sound Blaster Live! 24 bit
NEC ND-3540 Dual Format & Double Layer
Samsung DVD ROM
Akasa 8sm chasis fan
Firewire Host adaptor
12 in 1 Cardreader
+ Software

I think that's everything

  LeedsLass 22:14 14 Jun 2005

I shall try again tomorrow with the side on and let you know what happens.

Sorry about the components list above - I did put a return after each component but it's not come out like that when I've posted for some reason so soz it looks messy.

Thanx for all your reassurance guys. It's pretty stressful when I'm stood reading the mobo manual over and over (outloud lol) to myself but I have to admit I'm having fun doing this and would recommend it to anyone - I will be so chuffed and proud when (if lol) I'm done building.

  keith-236785 22:51 14 Jun 2005

page 42 of the online manual click here No 9 points out the setting for the chassis intrusion jumper setting.

the jumper is in the bottom right corner of the mobo. the jumper should be over "chassis signal & ground" pins. maybe there is no jumper present which is causing this problem.

best of luck

  keith-236785 22:54 14 Jun 2005

ps, impressive spec but are you sure the pwer supply is big enough?

if it is a good quality one it should be ok.

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