Reassembled attachments in Outlook Express

  Templar1961 11:49 15 Feb 2005

I received a large photo in Outlook Express.

The sender set the program to break the large file attachment into chunks and send each part in a separate e-mail message. How do I reassemble the file?

I am also using Outlook Express 6.0 - I thought the file was automaticallly reassembled upon receipt in this program?

  Diodorus Siculus 12:43 15 Feb 2005

You will need to give details of the program used to break the file.

  Templar1961 12:58 15 Feb 2005

The email was sent using Outlook Express 6.0.

The .jpg image was broken into 9 files. The attachments are .dat files. I tried highlighting the 9 messages then Message, Combine and Decode but this didn't work.

Any ideas?

  anchor 13:07 15 Feb 2005

If you cannot discover the programme used to create these dat files, I suggest asking the sender to re-send using the "The file Splitter".

I have used it many times, and it works fine. (The sender "may" have to zip the exe file part of it, in case your ISP, or e-mail programme reject exe files).

Details and download here.

click here

  Confab 13:25 15 Feb 2005

Outlook express can be set to break large files over a specified size into smaller files. Each of the small files will be sent separately as a .dat file. When you receive all the .dat files Outlook Express will automatically reassemble the files into one large file. The .dat files will remain as individual .dat files in your inbox together with the one larger reassembled file.

First of all check to see if you have one large file, this is the one you should click on to get to your image file. If you don't have this check the smaller .dat files, they will be numbered something like 1/12 meaning 1 of 12, to see if you have them all.

I think I remember that you should not try to open any of the small .dat files until you have received them all, otherwise Outlook Express cannot reassemble them to make the large file.

Ask your friend to resend the file but this time don't open anything until you have received them all.

  Templar1961 13:43 15 Feb 2005

I received all 9 of the 9 files sent - Outlook Express didn't reassemble them so I put all 9 emails into a folder.

I then highlighted all 9 files, clicked on Message Combine & Decode but one large file is not reassembled?

  Confab 13:47 15 Feb 2005

Don't put them in a separate folder but do this

Click your inbox.
Click Messages and choose Combine and Decode.
Select the messages you need to combine and make sure they're in order.
Combine 'em!

  Templar1961 18:00 15 Feb 2005

I tried Combine and Decode after selecting the messages in my inbox?

Still doesn't work - any more ideas please?

  Templar1961 09:06 16 Feb 2005


  Confab 11:08 16 Feb 2005

From my experience with this if any of the .dat files have become corrupted then the files won’t re-join and you won’t see your large file.

The only thing I can suggest is that you delete all the mails from your inbox and deleted items box and ask your friend to re-send the mail. Remember don’t open any until you have received them all.

It’s always been a bit hit am miss IMHO

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