rear connection of skybox

  pookie 08:49 15 May 2009


i have looked on sky website but can't find the answer.

I have the freesat from sky package (or whatever it is now called). When i moved into my house the old owner had sky (they took the sky box with them) but they had a cable running from the skybox downstairs to a tv upstairs which allowed them to watch the sky channel on the downstairs tv on an upstairs one. I wish to use that cable now in my skybox. The 3 rear connection options for the cable to go into seem to be: Aerial in, RF out -1 and RF out -2. I am not electrically minded and don't wish to blow the box up! Which socket should I put that cable into?

Many thanks


  muddypaws 09:01 15 May 2009


I have an oldish Pace box and my second room is plugged into the RF out 2 as per the manual.
You may also have to activate this socket within the set up menu and I can't remember exactly where in the menu that is.

  BRYNIT 09:03 15 May 2009

Connect RF 2 out to upstairs TV.

  BRYNIT 09:05 15 May 2009

Too slow.

You will only need to go into the set up if you want to get a LT link. click here

  muddypaws 09:05 15 May 2009

PS Just found my note to myself!
Services> 4 > Options 1-7 select 1 > select 4
But no doubt box menus vary.

  muddypaws 09:07 15 May 2009

Thought things may have changed.
10 years ago I definitely had to activate RF 2.

  pookie 09:10 15 May 2009

many thanks guys and i'll try that. should i have anything in the 'aerial in' socket? at moment only other cable is in 'dish input' socket? (apart from power cable)

  muddypaws 09:16 15 May 2009

Only if you have an analogue roof aerial. ( I think)
Presumably you have scart to your main TV and recorder.

  pookie 09:19 15 May 2009

yes, scart from sky to tv and to dvd recorder

  pookie 09:36 15 May 2009

out of interest within services and picture settings do you have video output as rgb or pal? as mentioned i have only a scart cable from skybox to tv and none of those cable with various coloued connectors on the end

  muddypaws 10:11 15 May 2009

Mine is set to RGB. Whether right or wrong it has always been OK. Although I don't have an RGB cable! Only scart.
The red and white sockets ( if that is what you mean) are for connecting audio output to a hi fi.
Perhaps BRYNIT can confirm the RGB/Pal.

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