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  Migwell 00:29 21 Jul 2004

On the back of every computer there are three 3.5 jack sockets. In-put and out-put. Now using these for 5.1 sound and using Creative 5100 speakers which plug goes into which hole?

Cant find this documented any where. Can only find conections to a Creative sound card.

also how do you obtain an input? ASUS Board and what prog do you use for recording from Walkman or Radio?

  Gaz W 01:00 21 Jul 2004

Is it just a single 3.5mm jack to connect them? I've just done a quick Google search and read that it's a single cable connection to your PC, but it didn't say what.

It sounds to me like you need a digital output, so if your motherboard doesn't have a digital output (like most modern Creative cards do; SB Live! 5.1 onwards certainly) you will need a different sound card to use those speakers.

That's assuming that you are talking about the onboard sound on an Asus motherboard. If there are only three jacks they will probably be Line In, Line Out/speakers and Microphone or something along those lines.

Do you know the model number of your motherboard?

  goonerbill 09:56 21 Jul 2004

which asus mobo do you have. i have the a7n8x-e deluxe and all instructions are in the manual, chapter 5.

your manual and cd may be different to mine but try this.

explore the cd and look for "\DRIVERS\ALL-IN-ONE\NVSWAP" and double click on the nvswap icon. a dialogue box will appear, top right button is LINE IN AND REAR SPEAKER TOGGLE BUTTON. middle button is MICROPHONE IN AND CENTRE\SUBWOOFER TOGGLE BUTTON and the lower button is CENTRE\SUBWOOFER SPEAKER TOGGLE BUTTON.

after running the application, it will cycle through the speakers with white noise and speaker will be highlighted were noise is meant to be coming from. if you hear no noise check connections on pc and speakers.

you can test individual speakers by left-clicking on the speaker and white noise will play through that speaker for 5 seconds approx before returning to the cycling pattern.

top toggle button should be set to rear speakers, middle to centre\subwoofer (microphone will be disabled) and bottom button should be set to centre\subwoofer speakers (use this option if you hear sound coming from the subwoofer when the centre speaker is highlighted and vise versa.

hope this helps you out.

if you have 6.1 audio channel setting, you dont need to do the above, just connect the rear speaker to the purple jack and centre\subwoofer to orange jack.

  Migwell 21:44 21 Jul 2004

Sorry to mis-lead you all, the speaker system is A Creative Inspire 5300 System and not 5100 as I had thought It is not the digital type. The mother board I missed the number off last night is A7N8X-X

Thank you

  goonerbill 11:01 22 Jul 2004


my mobo is the top version of the A7N8X series, so my instructions should be what you require to set things up correctly.

had look at your manual on ASUS's website and there are no instructions on how to setup the speakers, very poor. have a look to see if you have a folder or file with the name NVSWAP on your cd. if you have follow my instruction above. if not, not sure what you have to do, sorry.

  Migwell 16:51 22 Jul 2004

Thank you for your help Goonerbill. The MoBo is aa ASUS A7N8X-X and the speakers are 5300 Creative not 5100 as first thought, just got mixed up with the numbers. I have solved the line in part I have taken the sound cable off the CD Burner to the MoBo and gone for a conection from a 3.5 Jack socket on the rear of the puter, it is drilled into one of the cover plates for the IDE cards as I have plenty space there and conected it to the AUX socket on the MoBo. Don't need two CD Drives puting out sound do I.

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